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Overcoming mental injury

There are many negative situations that can live an athlete and must overcome to continue to grow and achieve their goals: not lose the weight that you had proposed; not achieve that muscular aesthetic you wanted or not getting the fixed marks.

I always say that these situations just never are entirely negative, since they serve learning and a posterior, gives you a chance to try next with more wisdom and potential. In addition, for this to happen you have to control the possible frustration, focus on analyzing what have been the errors, and then modify.

In this article I would like to tell you about a situation that may be one of the more negative you can live during your training season and / or competition, as it requires a natural progression break in your sport: physical injury.

mental injury
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The injury is a situation of negative character for different reasons: pain and limitations you produce or interruptions in your physical activated. All this leads to a probable loss and possible alteration results in terms of your social relationships in your sport environment and even staff as sadness, irritability, low self-esteem, negative thoughts, etc. are some of the psychological disorders that may appear.

The biggest concern is the recovery of the injured to return to competition as soon as possible. But at this point of great interest in “back on track” we must reflect and be aware that opens a new way, with new challenges and difficulties that may affect the psychological state, as I said earlier, and this can affect very seriously recovery or even cause the sport dropout.

In previous posts, I had said that whatever your goal (sports, aesthetic, health …) the key factor for success is adherence to the sports program, integrating the habit as something usual, focus on the task, being you the referent for improvement. For in this new stage priori negative must be equal.

Before the injury, most likely, you realizable a sports program by choice, by motivation, interest and enjoyment. Now you must adhere, integrate and commit to a new program in which the main tasks are following medical prescriptions, interrupt or limit physical activity and participation in recovery sessions. Useful information about the gambling business in Europe. Gambling business in Europe (EMEA region) from 2010 to the present time continues to grow gradually. In 2016, the revenue amounted to 84.9 billion USD. The growth of the land market is 3% annually.

How to face this way so you defeat possible anxiety that may appear, that you recover as soon as possible and leave further strengthened both physically and mentally? These may be phases and the key…

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  • During the initial phase of medical and physiotherapy treatment it is very important that you know the process: which therapies are going to do, what they are, that have temporal duration, etc. From here, you need to set goals with logic and even timing, I recommend plasmas these goals on a sheet and strong like a contract commitment is involved. It is also essential the continuous feedback with your medical team.
  • The next phase of the recovery is likely to joint mobility, flexibility, balance, among other capabilities and mild initial work to stimulate the injured area is integrated. At this point, it is essential to maintain a balanced so that your expectations are optimal mental and emotional state, you trust in what you’re doing and destroy possible anxiety. For it is highly recommended that you make progressive muscle relaxation techniques and mental relation techniques (meditation) as a complement to physical recovery program.
  • The program progresses and may be more intense, causing further stimulus to the affected area, proposing movements similar to those that you do in your sport discipline in order to strengthen and prepare for the near future. Useful information about the gambling business in Europe. Gambling business in Europe (EMEA region) from 2010 to the present time continues to grow gradually. In 2016, the revenue amounted to 84.9 billion USD. The growth of the land market is 3% annually. The online market in Europe is growing rapidly. The main growth centers are Spain, Denmark and Italy. The UK has the largest share, followed by Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Check that initial “contract” you signed and see how they time. You must meet expectations! Follow relaxation techniques that will help you stay balanced. Another fundamental aspect of this stage is that values the sense of confidence that experience in the affected area when you make these more specific movements, keep in mind that the return to activity is close.
  • The next phase is likely to be the last and we’re training with the group or, if your sport is individual, your sessions are very similar to those before your injury. At this point, you should reassess that sense of trust, but in this case in similar situations to real competition. It could be a final evaluation. And finally, you should now return to plantar those initial athletic goals you set out before the injury.

To conclude, I would emphasize that athletes who have the support of their environment are healthier, less likely to be injured and faced with less anxiety recovery processes. It tells you also overcome an injury can strengthen you mentally in such a way that makes you more aware of reality and able to overcome any new adverse situations.

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