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Male infertility and obesity

Male infertility is a disease increasingly growing especially in industrialized countries who provides many couples difficulty in having children.

Numerous studies have shown a close correlation between male infertility and obesity adding to the already known of overweight problems, difficulty in procreation.

Male infertility and obesity
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As obesity acts male infertility

Recall that obesity is a pathological condition determined by an excess of weight tied to an increase in fat mass compared to lean. This power of attorney provided several health problems obese person (type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gallstones, asthma, cataracts, skeletal muscle problems, myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke) and also triggers certain mechanisms that can affect the ability of man procreate.

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In particular, several studies conducted by major universities in different parts of the world have shown that excess body weight affects the quality and quantity of sperm:

  • The amount of fat in the thighs and around the genital area causes a temperature increase in the testes. Recall that the testicles, and the entire production process of the spermatozoa, are very delicate and enough small changes to the optimum state for procuring serious problems. In particular, it has been shown that it is sufficient to continue to rise a few degrees of the temperature at which the testes are subjected to decrease the quality of the seminal fluid. In obese subjects, this increase in temperature can exceed 2 degrees Celsius.
  • In obese people will show substantial variations in the amount of hormones produced by the body, especially those related to the functioning of the testes. In particular, we are witnessing a decrease in testosterone, a key hormone in the production process of the sperm, and an increase in estrogen that on the contrary, decrease the production of spermatozoa. This mechanism is triggered by an increase in an enzyme (aromatase) that transforms their testosterone into estrogen.
  • Obesity also leads to vascular problems that carry serious consequences throughout the body, especially to the most sensitive organs such as the testes. The fabric of the testicles, in fact, considering that is constantly producing new cells, is influenced in an important way of a decrease in blood supply caused by diseases the circulatory apparatus.
  • Obesity produces a rise of oxidative radicals in seminal fluid procuring a decrease in sperm quality (motility and structure).
  • In general, the seminal fluid of an obese person has a smaller volume during ejaculation; it contains a smaller number of sperm (20% in less than a person not obese) that have an altered DNA with a low quality.

All these negative effects on male fertility are also aggravated by the presence of other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or the lifestyle (smoking, excess alcohol, lack of physical activity).

Experts recommend to pay special attention to your body weight as they are sufficient 9 kg of overweight to procure the male infertility. The care of our bodies should start from childhood as it was discovered that fat cells are created especially in the first years of life and do not disappear with age. So bad eating habits followed by children will feel their effects throughout life.

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