Losing weight by walking! How to get the best results?

Not everyone loves running, in fact, many prefer to take long walks. The walking, technical name of the walk, can help to achieve significant results in terms of weight loss and physical fitness. Just follow a few simple rules and be consistent and decisive to get great benefits and lose a few pounds of excess, firming and toning the whole body.

Here’s what to do to lose weight by walking …

Losing weight by walking
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A walk through

First of all, buy a pedometer. This will be useful for you, as it will show you the steps you have taken in one day, and how many miles you will have and how many calories you have burned. To lose weight, you must do no less than 5,000 steps per day, which are about 3 kilometers away. Obviously, the more you move and the sooner you will reach the desired physical shape.

Walk at least three times a week

Take time to devote to the walk, as if it were a fixed appointment, and try to do it at least three times a week. To lose weight and to firm, the rhythm must be sustained and constant, the walk will have to be as fast as if you were late for something important. It takes about 20 minutes to travel 3 kilometers, at a steep pace. Really few, in short.

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When you walk, try to relax. Put your headphones and listen to your favorite songs, obviously moved. In this way you will load and the time will fly without you noticing it.

Gradually increase distances

Look, gradually, to increase the steps, and then the distances. After two or three weeks of workout, you should get 10,000 steps a day, or about 6 kilometers. Your body will get used to the workouts and you will notice progressive improvements: the breath will increase, the breath will be less tense, the skin will be more toned and the circumference will decrease.

Set a goal

Set a goal to be achieved. An example? Less than a kg in a month. It will have to be a concrete and feasible objective that will help you to be more constant and will motivate you when you do not want to walk, but to throw you on the couch with a mega pan of ice cream at hand.

Ready? Good walk.

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