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The Basics About Safe Klonopin Intake Klonopin is a psychoactive drug used in the therapy of panic disorder, seizures, and anxiety. Despite the beneficial effects of the drug, there are still some dangers related to its use. Learn more about how to take Klonopin safely.

How to Take Klonopin Safely? Side Effects, Interactions, Withdrawal

The therapy of anxiety and panic disorder usually requires the use of psychoactive substances, like Klonopin. This drug is a tranquilizer. It belongs to the class of benzodiazepines known for their sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, and depressant effects. While all these may beneficially influence your mental health condition, they may also affect your physical and mental health in a negative way. Klonopin is approved by the FDA for seizure and panic disorder, yet its actual use is significantly broader, which means more people may face problems related to Klonopin side effects. Our online pharmacy offers Klonopin for sale, so we consider it our responsibility to tell you everything about this drug to make your treatment maximum safe. Also, we recommend that you consult a doctor before making a purchase.

Side Effect. How Often Does Klonopin Cause Unwanted Reactions?

A study published in the Clinical Pharmacology and Neuroscience journal confirms that Klonopin and its active substance clonazepam are significantly safer than other benzodiazepines, alprazolam and lorazepam in particular. Only 26.7% of people taking clonazepam developed adverse reactions while the figures for the other two medications were 48.4% for alprazolam and 43.9% for lorazepam. So if you have to choose between these three options, Klonopin is obviously the best one. Due to the differences in the dosing regimen for different diseases treated with this medication, the incidence of side effects is not the same. The most frequently reported reactions related to the intake of Klonopin include: – drowsiness; – involuntary muscle movements (ataxia); – behavior problems (in those taking Klonopin for seizures); – agitation. Long-term use of Klonopin may cause additional unwanted reactions, such as muscle weakness, vertigo, mental confusion, depression, Klonopin intentional overdose, and others. Try to minimize the duration of your treatment with this drug to minimize the risks for addiction.

Klonopin Interactions. What Medicines to Stay Away from?

Because of the influence of Klonopin on the CNS, some interactions with other medicines may lead to life-threatening events. So before buying Klonopin inform your healthcare provider about any medications you currently use. Don’t take this medication along with zolpidem, omeprazole, aripiprazole, trazodone, alprazolam, and so on. The interaction of Klonopin with these drugs enhances the risks for side effects like drowsiness, poor concentration, trouble breathing, dizziness, and confusion. Potentially lethal interactions with Klonopin appear when you take it together with barbiturates, opiates, GABAergic substances, and thienodiazepines. Don’t drink any alcohol-containing beverages when on clonazepam. Alcohol works as a nervous system depressant, thus exacerbating the effects produced by the medication. This may result in respiratory depression, coma, and death.

Klonopin Withdrawal

Treatment with Klonopin is a kind of balancing between the positive and the negative effects. This is the precise reason why you should use this drug only by prescription and closely stick to the recommendations given by your healthcare provider. One of the major risks related to its use is withdrawal syndrome. It appears only if you discontinue the therapy abruptly. The unwanted reactions are severer in those who have been taking it in high doses for a long time. There are two ways to get off Klonopin safely. The first one is a gradual reduction of the dose, which is a preferable option. The second one is the gradual substitution of Klonopin with the other medication. So it’s up to you and your doctor to choose which is better in your case.