Erectile Dysfunction and Meditation

Are you having stressful times and feel sad and perhaps depressed and perhaps its come down to a psychological erectile dysfunction (ED) problem? Perhaps you are overweight and uncomfortable about this and that may be contributing to your ED problem. To help relieve some of this stress and help you cope better, you might consider meditation. Meditation can help you to see inside yourself and help you to understand your anxiety better. What you need to understand is that what ever is bothering you is at best temporary so you need to think of it in terms of that. More often than not, your fears are created by your own mind. You need to harness these negative thoughts and bring yourself to a state of peace and tranquility. This puts your mind at ease and your body as well. Much of this has to do with not paying attention to these negative thoughts and concentrating on pleasurable experiences such as water flowing by in a river or perhaps clouds drifting over head.

ED and Stress

Stress is a real killer on libido. Life is naturally stressful and so there is no way to get around it. What you need to do is cope better. When you experience stress your brain reacts to it immediately. Hormones are released that can bring about anxiety and/or depression. This chemical release has been passed down to us by way of evolution and was meant for better survival. But back then and with animals that meant fight or flight. Today, we as humans generally don’t have to fight or run for survival. Our stress comes from financial, work and/or family stress. Nevertheless, we still release the same chemicals in response to a stress experience. If left unchecked can cause serious repercussions for both body and brain. One of these hormones is know as cortisol which is referred to as the stress hormone. You need to lower your cortisol release and cortisol levels to prevent damage. Meditation has the ability to relieve this stress bringing your body back to a calm and tranquil state. Meditation can also repair damage to body from stress if done correctly.

Stress and Weight

As stress builds up, this can change your eating habits. You may be overeating to comfort yourself by eating foods that are high in sugar and perhaps fat such as ice cream (a whole gallon), cookies, cakes etc. This snowballs because the more you take in those sugary foods, the more you want sugary foods. Sugar is very addicting. Manufacturers put in a lot of sugar in cereals and sodas because they knew it was addicting which meant you would buy more and so you did. Before you know it, you have gained 20, 30, 40 or more pounds. Now you’re stressed about your weight. If you’re a man, this may bring about bedroom problems simply because you’re ashamed about your body. Sexual health is very important so if you’re having libido problems, make use of meditation to get you back on track. Stress management should be a daily part of your life and meditation is one way to do that.

What Does Meditation Do?

  • Lowers cortisol levels naturally – this is your stress hormone, fight or flight
  • Decreases free-radical damage from oxidation, when your stressed take in fruits and veggies that contain high levels of antioxidants to combat the build up of free-radicals
  • Metabolic rate is greatly reduced in a calm state
  • Heart rate is greatly reduced
  • Restores normal blood pressure levels
  • Increases libido and helps to maintain a healthy weight

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