Trees have many benefits

Trees are more than just attractive plants we can use as shelter or to gather fruit. Trees are vital to life, and we depend on them for survival. Here are some reasons why trees are important for our planet.

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Trees can help combat climate change

Climate change is caused by too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees are essential in fighting climate change, as they absorb CO2, store it, and release the oxygen back into our atmosphere. One acre of trees is able to absorb CO2 from 26,000 miles in just one year. An acre of trees in one year can provide oxygen to 18 people.

Air is cleaned by trees

Trees also absorb odours and gases that are harmful to the environment, such as sulphur dioxide and ozone. The trees are able to take particles from the air, and store them on their leaves and bark.

Keep cool

In urban areas, temperatures are rising because there are fewer trees and more roads that absorb heat. By providing shade, shelter and cooling water vapour to the air, trees can cool cities by up to 10 degrees.

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Makes great play equipment

Wood has qualities not found in steel and this makes it an ideal material for constructing children’s toys and play equipment. For Playgrounds Gloucester, visit Greenfields, suppliers of Playgrounds Gloucester.

Save water

The lawn that is shaded by trees will lose water more slowly and require less watering.

Stop water pollution

The trunk of a tree absorbs water and returns it to the soil below. It helps prevent stormwater from carrying pollutants to the sea. The trees act as a sponge to replenish the groundwater naturally.

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays

Trees can reduce the exposure to UV rays up to 50%. For increased sun protection, planting trees near areas where people are spending time outdoors is a good idea.


Did you know an apple tree can produce up to 20 bushels per year? It can be planted anywhere, even in urban areas. They are not only a source of healthy fruit but also an important habitat for birds and wildlife.

Healing powers

Patients who have trees in their view from the hospital windows heal quicker and have fewer complications. Nature can also help children with ADHD. Trees also improve concentration by reducing mental fatigue.


Violence is higher in urban areas and neighbourhoods that lack nature or have a barren look. This includes violence on the street and at home. There is no doubt that greenery and landscaping reduce fear and aggression.

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