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What is Earwax?

Cerumen, or ear wax to give it its more commonly known name  is a sticky residue that is excreted from glands in the ear.  Its primary function is to protect your ear canal and eardrum from infection.  dust and dirt particles that float in the air can become trapped in the ear and can cause great discomfort.  earwax forms around it allowing it to be easily extracted from your ear. Unfortunately earwax can build up and the mistake is to use cotton wool buds or other cleaners to try and remove it. All the disease is smushing the ear wax together making the blockage even worse.

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If this happens it’s time to look at Ear wax removal near me such as the one in the link. The only way that works so it can be correctly removed Is by a professional process.  otherwise removing ear wax can result in damage to the ear canal or even worse to the eardrum itself so it’s really not worth trying to sort things out  on your own.

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So as we can see earwax is an essential and vital biological function of the body to defend it from things that could cause severe hurt and pain.  Its production varies from age to age,  genetic makeup,  there are even different differences between people of the world in terms of production.  The type of earwax produced seems to vary from East to West.  Although we don’t  understand how earwax is produced, we certainly need it.

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