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3 Tips for Sourcing Medical Equipment

Part of practicing medicine involves knowing how to use certain equipment and machines. You also need to make sure you can reliably source good quality equipment for your practice. Here are three tips for sourcing medical equipment.

1. Use an Equipment Planning Service

Medical equipment planning services are very common methods of sourcing medical equipment. These services ensure that you’ll be able to reliably purchase equipment and other medical supplies when you need them. These services help you get the right equipment at the right time, whether you need to expand or upgrade.

2. Check Your Vendor’s Qualifications

Because medical equipment is meant to perform specific and highly sensitive or involved tasks, its manufacture and distribution is subject to stringent qualification requirements on the part of manufacturers and vendors. Make sure you do careful research before you commit to a vendor. Always check your chosen vendor’s qualifications. Confirm that he or she has the appropriate permits, licenses and accreditations to sell the equipment you need or want. Check reviews, recommendations and testimonials from previous customers or clients to see what the vendor’s service history is like.

3. Make Sure Warranties Are Offered

Due to the complicated processes related to building medical equipment and the expenses involved, warranties are incredibly important when you purchase this equipment. Warranties cover equipment malfunctions, issues that may have occurred during the manufacturing processes and certain situations such as recalls of parts. Not every vendor offers warranties and every warranty policy will be different. Always check whether the vendor offers a policy. If he or she does, then review the policy carefully to ensure it matches your needs and expectations.

Medical equipment can be quite expensive and delicate. Make sure you’re aware of ways to pay for it, maintain it and ensure its proper manufacture and safety during delivery.

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