Do you want to improve your life? Start with yoga!


Why yoga? Here are a few reasons why thousands of people around the world prefer this practice.


Most of the time a modern person spends sitting. We sit on the way to work, we sit at work in the office, we sit at home at the computer, we sit almost everywhere. During this time, the shoulders are constantly omitted, because only a few follow their posture. In a person who constantly stoops, the spine is always compressed and pulled. And in what position are all internal organs? The practice of yoga allows you to straighten the shoulders and back, stretch the spine, breathe in full and feel healthy and full of energy. » Read more

10 Yoga Exercises For Insomnia

Yoga for Insomnia

The action of all the exercises described below is based on the slowing of breathing, palpitation and metabolism, on controlling attention and on reducing the number of active thoughts in the mind – in short, on achieving the state of yogic meditation.

Doing the following techniques, it must be taken into account that no practice of yoga or “yoga therapy” does not replace the advice of a doctor, treatment, or taking prescribed medications. » Read more

Yoga: 6 positions against the bloating!


Practicing yoga everyday has huge benefits on the body and mind, but you can also help to reduce the inconvenience caused by poor digestion and thus regain a flat stomach.

You have the swollen belly after meals? The yoga can free yourself from this annoying disorder, largely due to stress and poor eating habits, for example, that eating too quickly. Swollen belly is not necessarily overweight or adipose tissue accumulation, but, how do you explain our nutritionist, you only air, a consequence both of what we eat that our bacterial flora.

It is a widespread problem that affects a large number of people, especially women, and that is annoying, sometimes painful, and often causes psychological distress. » Read more

Some of the benefits of yoga, not only for health


There are many interpretations about the benefits of yoga but who practice yoga certainly get an increase in physical and mental wellbeing.

My mother says that when she was young, and her grandmother used to say this proverb: “Nobody escarpment by somebody else.” And if you do what I bring to you today, shaking all the dust of the past, it is because this proverb expresses a great truth with regard to the issue that I share with you: You will not know the benefits of yoga until you practice and have your own experience.

But hey, maybe you’re a person who has only heard of yoga and arguments need to know what you venture company. It is normal, so come with me to know, roughly, what are you going to spend from now soul, heart and life for a very important time of your life, because I’m pretty sure I’ll stay! » Read more

4 yoga postures to reduce back pain

Yoga postures

Thanks to yoga postures also stretch the back and prevent contractures, we managed to relax the whole area and we relieve pain as well as preventing future occurrence.

Back pain has become one of the most common complaints of all people, since the use of technological devices and their potential causes of stress apparition are continuing.

Most often, the pain goes away with a little rest and some analgesic consumption; however, it can sometimes stay longer than normal to require another type of treatment.

Although at first glance does not seem appropriate, practice some yoga postures can serve as therapy to improve this symptom.

Through this it helps stimulate circulation and muscle tension that prevents quickly calm condition is relieved.

This time we want to reveal the 4 best not to hesitate to practice them at home or in some office space. Live Up Yourself! » Read more

6 psychological benefits of practicing yoga

psychological benefits

Beyond reduce stress and help relax, yoga is a discipline that allows find ourselves better and even live longer.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that gradually has been introduced as a regular practice of many people.

Why is that? Yoga allows us to be in better balance with ourselves, which is necessary because the imbalance destabilizes all our lives.

If still you wonder what does yoga that does not have normal physical exercise, today we will discover its 6 most important benefits. Do you come to discover with us? » Read more

Asanas for each chakra

Yoga Asanas

Asanas are exercises or yoga postures that are slowly taking harmonizing the chakras and accompanying breathing and mental calm.

The famous Indian sage Patanjali established, more than two thousand years ago, eight stages or steps in the process of self – realization (ashtanga yoga) Ruled that Yoga practitioners should move in a precise order established by stages. Starting from thebottom, the eight “phases” are: Yama (moral codes), Niyama (personal and study purification), Asana (posture), pranayama (control of breath), Pratyahara (sensory control), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and finally Samadhi (contemplation, personal fulfillment or happiness status).

These eight steps must be followed and practiced in order to purify and couple (in the context of Yoga, “join”) the mind, body and soul. Since the concepts on which the first two stages, Yama and Niyama are based, are difficult to understand for those who have been “soaked” of the traditions and Eastern philosophy since birth, schools of Yoga in the West tend to start teaching asanas, the third stage. » Read more