8 steps you can take to relieve stiff neck or neck pain

relieve stiff neck

It is very important to not force the neck if we feel pain because it could worsen the condition. We will move forward a little each day to achieve an improvement.

Torticollis is a painful condition that occurs when some of the neck muscles contract and hinder the movement of the head.

It usually appears when the muscle suffers because of poor posture to sleep or sit. The affected may be disabled for the duration of muscle contraction, because it has a strong neck pain, limited movements and sometimes headache and a slight tremor.

While this is considered benign, symptoms are very annoying and can prevent the normal performance of everyday tasks.

Fortunately, there are several measures that can be taken instantly to speed your recovery and relief. Here we reveal the 8 main to not hesitate to apply in this situation. Discover them! » Read more

Stiff neck: What is that?

Stiff neck

Stiffness and pain in the neck can answer many causes, so it will always be a specialist who will give us more accurate diagnosis.

The stiff neck can respond to various causes. However, one thing must be clear: it is a condition that cannot be neglected and deserves our attention.

Most often due to overloading or bad move but sometimes if that stiff neck accompanied by nausea, dizziness and fever, may be due to a bacterial infection.

So today in our space we invite you to learn more information about this type of musculature problem we should not overlook.

When the trouble is lengthened beyond five days, you should consult your doctor. » Read more