10 natural remedies to counter the ulcer

natural remedies ulcer

The ulcer is a wound that affects the stomach and involves an increasing number of people. Let’s find out what are the natural remedies that can help us to get better.

For ulcer is defined as a lesion (usually unique, sometimes even multiple) borne by the internal digestive tract mucosa. The most affected traits are the duodenum and the stomach and, for this reason, the disorder is also referred to as a duodenal ulcer (a form, among other things, a more frequent percentage) and gastric ulcer. » Read more

Cholesterol and Triglycerides: Diet and Natural Remedies

Cholesterol and Triglycerides

I have read an article on metabolic diseases have listed the major metabolic diseases including hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia characterized by values of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood; in this article we explore the subject in order to understand what are the “enemies to be avoided” and what natural remedies that make you say “goodbye” to the problem.

What are cholesterol and triglycerides?

Cholesterol and triglycerides are fats (or lipids) by which the human body stores energy useful in case of necessity; The body fats are classified into two groups:

– “Simple” such as cholesterol and fatty acids

– “Complex” as phospholipids and triglycerides

Cholesterol and triglycerides therefore play a very important reserve function in the body, what makes them really dangerous is in fact their action but a excess of the amount thereof in the blood. » Read more

Natural remedies to relieve symptoms of colds

Natural remedies

Stuffy nose, watery eyes and a terrible headache: the symptoms of the common cold are well known to anyone who saw it, at least once a year; it is affected by this annoying disease.

The cooling respiratory viruses enter cells of the nose, the break and the subsequent release of irritating and inflammatory substances causes the annoying symptoms that we all know. If you are debilitated and with lowered immune defenses can be especially cruel or recur often during the season. But how to counter its effects using natural remedies? » Read more

Natural remedies for puffy eyelids

puffy eyelids

Improve swollen eyelids with tricks and easy home remedies do in your everyday life regardless of the cause of your problem.

Eyelid skin is the most delicate of our body. Its constant activity and the fact of being very exposed to external agents (such as the sun or pollution) make it more susceptible to damage, to sagging, to bags and infections.

What is a swollen eyelid?

An eyelid is swollen when we look at one or both eyes, an obvious increase in size and thickness. Sometimes, it can also cause redness or difficulty in vision.

Inflammation creates fluid accumulation and fat around the eye sockets. It can be timely and not of greater problem or bags can be made almost indefinitely. » Read more

Natural remedies for cavities

Cavities can affect teeth around the world so it is vital to know the causes that produce them and know how to combat them.

What are cavities?

Tooth decay is an infectious disease characterized by the destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth. The consequence is a demineralization by acids generated by plaque bacteria from the ingestion of carbohydrates.

The plaque is a series of bacteria that accumulate in the mouth, they are deposited on the teeth and mucosa of the mouth and cause diseases such as tooth decay and gum inflammation. » Read more