Cosmetic Pour Home: Beauty Tips For Men!


There was a time when man was a man only if the concerns of aging and so-called structural failure did not seem to concern him. The departments of creams and creams, skin care products and body care were dribbler or simply ignored along a road that led straight to much more masculine shelves, like those of shaving foam or, at worst, of deodorants. Then, something changed and trends today speak of a man with a flowing beard, but by no means uneducated, maniacally at work on their physical appearance and pledged to stem the siege of the signs of aging. The beauty salons are filled with ladies and gentlemen, and the cosmetics companies put their researchers to work on only for men products. Thicker than that of the woman, the man is characterized by a more copious sweating and sour. As a result, the male cosmetics must penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin quickly, almost invisible and odorless. But there’s more. » Read more

Eight tips for beautiful skin in men

Beautiful skin in men

Extreme vanity? Is there excessive cult to the body and personal appearance? Of course not man today cares for your skin to protect the passage of time.

Some men still think that skin care is an exclusively female issue. You may habits they reduce the use of cleaning products such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, and lotion. However, for many the story is different thanks to the advancement of cosmetic industry, which has created lines suitable for sun care, hydration and skin regeneration of men’s skin, and which aim to prevent premature aging and maintain the freshness of the skin. » Read more