Blood Pressure: Is it good measure it at home?

Blood Pressure

If you go to the doctor visit, sure you measure blood pressure and, according to the results, tells you if you have any problems, you should consume a drug or a diet, for example. Many people have a blood pressure (pressure measuring device) at home. While it is necessary, sometimes we do not know what each value offered by the display means.

High blood pressure and its consequences

By paying attention to your blood pressure and heart rate you do some kind of tracking your health and can determine whether a food, a drug or a particular situation make you increase or decrease levels. Doctors advise patients to lead a kind notebook or notepad with measurements taken daily or every few days to detect any anomalies or heart problem. » Read more

30 exercises without equipment to train the whole body at home

30 exercises

If you are away from the gym or you have decided this year to train the whole body at home and take advantage of your effort, today we 30 exercises without equipment for different muscle areas and for different purposes, you can implement.

Exercises for the upper body

To work upper back, chest, shoulders and arms with exercises that only require to run our body, we can perform:

  • Traditional pushups arms
  • Pine pushups or inverted V, placing the high hip and body forming a “V” inverted.
  • Diamond pushups
  • Handstand pushups or pushups vertical
  • Lateral displacement in pushup position, as if we were to do pushups but with extended arms and mobilizing them to one side and another to move the entire body in that position.
  • Crab walk
  • Bear crawl or step

You will see on each link detail how to perform each exercise, without equipment and in the comfort of your home. » Read more