7 Habits that damage your heart


Although we know that salt is bad for our health because it produces hypertension, we continue consuming. We must cut their consumption as well as prefabricated meals and opt for natural options.

The human body is a perfect machine where each piece is essential. The heart is perhaps the basic body failing, can bring worse consequences, hence the need not to neglect, to address their health at all times. Do you know what habits are those that most commonly damaged almost without us noticing? We explain. » Read more

Heart- A Major Organ Of The Living Body

Heart is the hollow muscular organ present inside a living organism. It is considered as the major part of any body. The heart is the organ that gives life to a living individual. It pumps blood throughout the whole body. This blood is then utilized by the body to perform the normal functions. If the heart stops pumping blood, the whole body working will stop and ultimately it will result in death. » Read more