What is bodybuilding? Does it bring health benefits?

What is bodybuilding

Bodybuilding raises a lot of controversy because to get to get that muscle hypertrophy is necessary to resort to external aids, such as hormones and other protein preparations.

The bodybuilding is a physical activity that is based on lifting weights and performs various anaerobic exercises. The goal is to burn fat and makes muscles.

If you want to know more about bodybuilding and if you bring health benefits, please read this article.

What is bodybuilding?

This activity is carried out mostly at the gym, where all devices have different weights. The end of bodybuilding is having a “marked” strong and well-defined body and maintains symmetry between the torso and the legs.

Another name to call bodybuilding is simply bodybuilding, where muscle hypertrophy and do not need to make different poses to show changes. » Read more