What are the symptoms of cervical and because you can warn them in the gym?

cervical pain

“Cervical” is a generic name we give to a group of disorders that, in theory, can range from simple stiff neck up to very difficult conditions such as severe headaches or skidding.

What is a cervical disorder and how we can become aware of it?

In good summary, the path of a cervical disorder is this:

  • A number of reasons make increase the tension of the neck muscles;
  • Muscle tension begins to cause the first symptoms;
  • Continuous muscle tension does work badly the vertebrae, which degenerate and can create other problems and new symptoms.

The starting point (and then resolution) of the cervical disorder are therefore MUSCLES, that due to different reasons can enter a state of chronic injury.

What are these reasons? Potentially many, as are many of the mechanisms that may affect the muscles of the neck. » Read more