What is it and what are the benefits of cholesterol?


The cholesterol is commonly associated with a downside for our body, especially if it comes with poor diet and a lifestyle not exactly healthy. But often it happens that people are perfectly healthy, but despite that cholesterol is a bit higher than necessary, so as to be of concern to the parties concerned.

But what is cholesterol? It has the benefits or is really only something negative? Today we deepen the discussion and dispel a commonplace.

What is cholesterol?

The cholesterol is a nutrient essential to our lives, even though you do not make any kind of calories for our body.

To go into more detail and understand what is cholesterol start by saying that it is a type of fat produced naturally by the body and found in all animal foods (meat, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products). Now you may wonder: but if it is so damaging, why is produced by your own body? » Read more

Operation and benefits of self hypnosis

Benefits of self hypnosis

Some of the benefits of self-hypnosis are can help us stop smoking, lose weight or get behavioral changes. Learn how…

What is self hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a system of self-induced relaxation that allows us to connect with the subconscious to enter the desired changes in our mind. This makes it easier to exercise modifications in our habits or unwanted behavior.

Self-hypnosis is not as effective as hypnosis itself, since it is not made by a person skilled in it. Since among other things the session would be more focused and able to overcome obstacles and doubts that may have on the system’s ability to apply it. » Read more

6 psychological benefits of practicing yoga

psychological benefits

Beyond reduce stress and help relax, yoga is a discipline that allows find ourselves better and even live longer.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that gradually has been introduced as a regular practice of many people.

Why is that? Yoga allows us to be in better balance with ourselves, which is necessary because the imbalance destabilizes all our lives.

If still you wonder what does yoga that does not have normal physical exercise, today we will discover its 6 most important benefits. Do you come to discover with us? » Read more

Little known benefits of practicing CrossFit

In addition to being a comprehensive exercise that whole body exercise, thanks to the practice of CrossFit gets accelerate our metabolism and we can continue to burn calories long after you leave the gym.

The CrossFit is fashionable nobody can deny. This type of training, which emerged in the United States, has been around the world and is practiced in many countries.

There are even competitions are televised. Learn a little more about this type of training that began in the police and is now available for everyone.

What to know about the CrossFit?

It is a mode that combines on one hand the military training and other fitness .And increasingly adds more followers!

This is because it offers excellent short-term results, perfect to burn off the calories we consumed for a long time. » Read more