Some of the benefits of yoga, not only for health


There are many interpretations about the benefits of yoga but who practice yoga certainly get an increase in physical and mental wellbeing.

My mother says that when she was young, and her grandmother used to say this proverb: “Nobody escarpment by somebody else.” And if you do what I bring to you today, shaking all the dust of the past, it is because this proverb expresses a great truth with regard to the issue that I share with you: You will not know the benefits of yoga until you practice and have your own experience.

But hey, maybe you’re a person who has only heard of yoga and arguments need to know what you venture company. It is normal, so come with me to know, roughly, what are you going to spend from now soul, heart and life for a very important time of your life, because I’m pretty sure I’ll stay! » Read more