Should you be considering getting rid of gluten?

A gluten intolerance seems to be quite a modern answer to many problems that people experience with their gut. It seems that consumers have been suffering in silence for centuries or they are mystified as to what could have been causing the problem for so long. If you are, or suspect that you are, gluten intolerant it does not mean that your life is on hold or you can’t enjoy food anymore. Here are several  options for you to try and you can always use some Organic Vanilla Extract from Foodie Flavours to make a very exciting pudding or treat.

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This is the healthier variant of the American kids’ classic, the PBJ, smeared on corn thins or rice crackers with blueberries on top. You will get peanut butter which is sugar free, as well as nutrient dense whole nut varieties. Try it too with almond and cashew butter as an alternative. Many gluten-free bars are sugar-packed. If you shop around, however, you will find some pretty good, tasty ready-made bars that are lighter on the sugar content and are a bit healthier.

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There is even more good news. Many types of chocolate are “accidentally” free of gluten. Choose wickedly dark varieties with cocoa content as high as you dare, if you want to optimise the health benefits of cocoa, which include reducing insulin resistance and blood sugar control.

The most surprising one is gluten-free. In the refrigerator at work, keep a pot on the go, and snack with crudites or tortilla chips.  You can also get some wonderful gluten-free pitta breads, which before dipping you can softly cook in the microwave.

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