Ready To Impress Your Date? Try These 3 Things

Following a routine is part of everyday life. If you’re out in the dating pool, though, you should strive to break out of that mold, especially if you’re hoping for a second date (or more!) Here are three things you can do to bring the excitement to your next date.

1. Disconnect So You Can Connect

Phones. Almost everyone has one, and most of the time it’s front and center in your life. Does that mean yours should make an appearance on a date? Nope. Constant connectivity has been proven to have a negative effect on relationships. If you want any chance at seeing your date again, leave your phone on the sideline and invest your energy into getting to know each other.

2. Have Fun With Your Food

When you’re deciding on a place to take your date, think outside of the box. Think fun, think unique. Think somewhere that you can cut through formalities and loosen up. Going out to eat is a classic dating move, but knocking the socks off your date by bringing him or her to an awesome restaurant is where it’s at. So the next time you head out, go authentic and enjoy the best seafood Plano has to offer! A word to the wise: napkins. Use them!

3. Try Something Different

When was the last time you took a chance and did something out of the box on a date? There are so many things you can do to interact now — so forget the movies and ho-hum coffee dates. Think more along the lines of axe-throwing, roller skating or even a shooting range. These are great get-to-know-you activities or ways to reconnect, too.

Dating should be fun and it should be exciting. With a little help from the right places, you and your date will be floating on cloud nine!

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