How to take wheat germ to lose weight

wheat germ to lose weight

The part of the wheat that contains the seed is what is known as ” germ ” and contains great nutrients and vitamins that provide benefits for our health and, in addition, help us lose weight. In this article, how do you get a wheat germ to lose weight and take advantage, as well, of the properties that it contains and that will serve as a complement to your diet to lose weight? » Read more

The 5 best Yoga postures for a runner

Yoga Postures

Yoga postures, after intense physical activity such as running, spinning or aerobics, it is convenient to perform some stretching technique in order to improve the mobility of the body completely and relieve the accumulated tensions. Therefore, I advise you to practice these 5 Yoga postures, which do not require any previous experience in the discipline. » Read more

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