Life skills that all teens should know

Being a teenager is always tough, no matter where you live or what your background is. All those hormones flying around and big decisions to be made about future plans and exam results. There are key skills that all young people should have before they leave home and go out into the big wide world. Being able to quote Shakespeare is all well and good but what does your son or daughter do if their car breaks down or they lose their bank card? Here are some essential life skills you should teach your teens:

How to cope with money

Teaching your young adult about how interest works, how to check their balance online and the way credit cards operate are all really important skills for later life. Make sure you explain the real-life situation with debt and how it can affect credit scores and the ability to get financial help in the future. Start them off with a budget, for new clothes for example, and get them to make a list of what they need, where they will get them from and how much it will cost. Create a hypothetical scenario and ask them to budget for a month, factoring in rent, food and other expenditure.

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At some point, your son or daughter will have to feed themselves and if you don’t want them living on fast food and toast then some help in the kitchen will be required. Get your child into the kitchen and teach them about basic necessary ingredients, where to buy them and make sure they know how to safely use all kitchen appliances. How to store food and food hygiene are also very important. Some basic recipes to try out will set your child in good stead for the future. Ask them to research their own recipes that they’d like to try out.

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How to take of yourself is one of the most important life skills that anybody can possess. Recognising an ailment, what to buy from the pharmacy and when to visit a GP are vital tools for taking care of ourselves. Getting plenty of nutritious food, staying well-hydrated and simple hygiene rules at home will go a long way in insuring they remain fit and healthy for their new adventures. Ask your teen if they would like to attend a first aid skills course. This also includes looking after their sexual health and may include not only discussing the importance of safe sex with them but also how to contact organisations such as who provide STI Testing London way, or one close to your location.


One of the biggest shocks to the system about leaving home is the amount of organisation that you’re now responsible for. Teach them about the importance of keeping things tidy so they don’t lose things and end up having poor time management skills. If they need to be at work or class for 9am then teach them the importance of having clothes ironed etc the night before to avoid a full-blown panic at 8.30am! Make sure they have a good alarm clock and highlight the importance of structure and pre-planning in order to make things run a lot smoother.


What are the health benefits of playing football?

Football is probably the most popular sport in the world and is played in virtually every nation on the planet. A team game, it involves 11 players on either side who are allowed to use their feet, legs, head and torso to control and pass a ball with the aim of scoring goals. The game involves running, sprinting, jogging and quick reactions.

The game is continuous with each half lasting 45 minutes and as such, is perfect for keeping fit and cardiovascular health. All ages and abilities can get involved in football, with the sport also accessible for people of different heights and sizes.

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Football is a great sport for kids who are just starting out with physical activity and might not yet have high levels of endurance but still want to get involved in team games. Football is suitable for men and women, girls and boys and all can play along the same rules of the game.

Playing football is a lot of fun which might explain its global popularity. It’s also a great total workout with multiple health benefits that include:

  • Improves cardiovascular health and helps to increase aerobic capacity
  • Improves muscle tone and decreases body fat
  • Increases strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Boosts muscle and bone strength
  • The sudden shifts between high and low intensity activity during a game is beneficial to health

Here are some further benefits from playing football:

  • It is relatively safe as it’s considered a non-contact sport on the whole
  • It helps to teach co-ordination
  • Fosters a spirit of teamwork, sharing and group responsibility
  • Teaches you how to act fast and make quick decisions
  • A fun way to meet new people with similar interests
  • It’s more fun and motivating to exercise with friends
  • Encourages greater concentration, self-discipline and tenacity
  • A great opportunity to combat stress and promote better feelings of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Needs little equipment and can be played in a garden or public park
  • Easy to learn and play for fun for both beginners and the more experienced
  • A truly international sport

If you’re planning to play football, you can choose to play either recreationally or competitively. You don’t need a large number of people or a field necessarily. It can be as simple and easy as a friendly kickabout in just about any available space. An impromptu game of football can be played on streets, gardens or beaches and all you need is a ball. To keep in shape, why not incorporate some new Soccer Training Drills into your warmup? Visit for more information.

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Players can choose to join a local club and play in a more competitive way through organised competitions and leagues. You can also play football is some indoor sports centres in competitions that use smaller team sizes.

In preparing to play football, the following is always good advice:

  • Always warm before doing any form of exercise
  • Keep your fitness levels up over time so you can play well and avoid fatigue or injury
  • Stay well hydrated and always have plenty of fluids on hand while you play
  • Depending on your physical condition and age, don’t overdo it
  • Always wear the recommended protective clothing

Football is ideal for keeping fitness levels maintained and promotes strength, endurance and health. Get involved and see how good football can make you feel!


Preparing for a Loved One’s Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Care

men and women

Watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or any type of dementia can cause feelings of heartbreak, frustration and hopelessness. Once your loved one has received a dementia diagnosis, though, the best thing you can do is prepare for the future. Thinking about late-stage care is difficult but important. Financial, emotional and health considerations can all weigh heavily on the decision to keep your loved one at home or not. » Read more

Why Women are Returning to Netball by the dozen

Did you play netball at school and have recently wanted to try it again? Then you’re not alone. There’s been a recent resurgence in women returning to the competitive sports they first learned at school, in the case of hockey driven by the outstanding success of the Great Britain women’s team winning Olympic gold a few years ago. The Netball World Cup promises to be an incredible popular event this year with Event Medical Cover being included as standard at games like these. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of the players as well as an spectators. If you are thinking of holding your own local netball league then Outdoor Medical Solutions provide event medical cover for all sorts of events.

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According to figures from Back to Netball, since the organisation started in 2009 more than 60,000 women have taken up the sport again, over 60% of them women between the ages of 30-49. Many of them are mothers seeking to lose weight and overcome the isolation that it’s all too easy to feel after having children.

Why Women are Coming Back to Netball

For many women who’ve never really had a focus on getting fit, taking up netball is far more enjoyable than a trip to the gym. For others, it’s about doing something for themselves that’s both social and competitive, and getting some much needed ‘me time’.

Of course returning to a sport you love after some time out can be demanding, as aching muscles and injuries take longer to heal. Start small by watching netball training videos to catch up on modern techniques, then start by dipping your toe into a Back to Netball class.

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This Girl Can

If you’ve seen the adverts with women of all shapes and sizes grunting and sweating you’ll be aware of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign to get women involved in sport. By dispelling the myth that you have to be fit and slim to take up sport, it’s been phenomenally popular, offering not just sports like hockey and netball for younger women but Walking Netball, aimed at the over 55s. Since the first group started in 2016, more than 2,000 players have got involved.

Changes to Sport England’s funding strategy and scepticism about the legacy of London 2012 may have been off-putting for some women. Nevertheless there are thousands of small netball teams across the country who meet up weekly and play for fun, so if you want to get involved, why not search Facebook or even look for notices in the local park or sports centre. To get fit and have fun doing a sport you love, just pull on a bib, pick up a ball and play!

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3 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should be to a Beach Resort

When you have the opportunity to take a vacation, it should be to a location that is going to deliver the most beautiful scenery. Now, how you describe your ideal vacation depends on the type of person you are. You may not necessarily be interested in a relaxing vacation because you are more interested in an adventure. In either case, a beach resort offers something for the person who wants to relax as well as the one who wants to be adventurous.

Here are three reasons why your next vacation should be to a beach resort troncones.


Whether you are seeking relaxation or an adventure, if you travel to a beach resort for your next vacation, you can count on the food being fantastic. Beach resorts will often procure the ingredients for the meals their restaurants serve locally. So, if you enjoy seafood, chances are high the fish and related aquatic ingredients will be on the menu. Since the seafood does not travel far, you can also count on your meals being fresh. If you are not a fan of ingredients that swim, other meats and fresh, local produce will be on the menu, too.


At a beach resort, you can count on the accommodations being top-notch. This means that you can expect a comfortable bed in a beautiful room while you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the ocean just outside the window. If you are going to spend your days at the resort relaxing, the bed will simply be an extension of the hammock you find or beach chair you claim. If you are planning on exploring your surroundings, you are going to need that comfortable bed so you can recharge for the next day.


Beach resorts are their own community. Here, you will be able to sign up for hiking tours as well as yoga classes. The choices are not endless, but they are abundant.

There are many reasons why your next vacation should take you to a beach resort troncones.

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