Start running from scratch

Start running

Have you decided to get to play sports and you want to start running from scratch? I recommend that you follow this series of tips to get it. Your main enemies are discouraged injuries and overexertion. Let’s see how you can enter the great family of runners, exercise regularly and have a healthier life.

Many starts shortly follow

Many people who decide to go to the sport, and running is one of the principle activities more easily to practice (as well as economic), so often the chosen sport most of the time. Simply have a look at the park to note that many brokers are there for the first or second time. The problem is that a lot of those beginners leave after a few tries. Lose motivation, do not see results, it seems too hard or boring, so you need to read this article. » Read more

What is bodybuilding? Does it bring health benefits?

What is bodybuilding

Bodybuilding raises a lot of controversy because to get to get that muscle hypertrophy is necessary to resort to external aids, such as hormones and other protein preparations.

The bodybuilding is a physical activity that is based on lifting weights and performs various anaerobic exercises. The goal is to burn fat and makes muscles.

If you want to know more about bodybuilding and if you bring health benefits, please read this article.

What is bodybuilding?

This activity is carried out mostly at the gym, where all devices have different weights. The end of bodybuilding is having a “marked” strong and well-defined body and maintains symmetry between the torso and the legs.

Another name to call bodybuilding is simply bodybuilding, where muscle hypertrophy and do not need to make different poses to show changes. » Read more

Whistling breathing or Pranayama Sitkari

Whistling breathing

Among the different breathing techniques practiced in Yoga, known by the name of Pranayama, we Siktari or Whistling breathing.

The classic texts of yoga practice grant extraordinary benefits “to become master of yoga, free from all earthly troubles.”

Breathing Pranayama Siktari or Whistling is to press the tip of the tongue against the palate while firmly close the teeth and slowly inhaled through the mouth, producing a hissing sound. The air is retained as long as possible (rechaka) with full lungs and then exhales slowly and deeply through your nose. » Read more

Differences between Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Many people do not know what the differences between chiropractic and osteopathy are so we will try to explain briefly in this article. In simple terms, both osteopaths and chiropractors tend to treat cases with similar techniques simulates based in most cases on manual manipulation of body structures and tips on ways to live healthier.

Differences between Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Chiropractic in general has become more widespread in the US and the osteopathy in Europe. To generalize say that Chiropractic tends to focus more on the nervous system and spine for diagnosis and treatment. Osteopathy backbone gives a similar importance muscular and circulatory system. » Read more

Myths about proteins and sport

Proteins and sport

Protein and sport have, today, a close relationship but it is important to discard the myths in order to optimize all its properties.

What are proteins?

Proteins are one of the three essential components of nutrition with lipids (fats) and carbohydrates (sugar).

Proteins play a role in creating new tissues. In a simple example is something like the bricks of the body, hence the interest for the sport as it helps build muscle and especially “repair” after great efforts. » Read more

Little known benefits of practicing CrossFit

In addition to being a comprehensive exercise that whole body exercise, thanks to the practice of CrossFit gets accelerate our metabolism and we can continue to burn calories long after you leave the gym.

The CrossFit is fashionable nobody can deny. This type of training, which emerged in the United States, has been around the world and is practiced in many countries.

There are even competitions are televised. Learn a little more about this type of training that began in the police and is now available for everyone.

What to know about the CrossFit?

It is a mode that combines on one hand the military training and other fitness .And increasingly adds more followers!

This is because it offers excellent short-term results, perfect to burn off the calories we consumed for a long time. » Read more

Some tips for men’s skin care daily

Mens skin care

Always he has been the face care as a matter of women and why men just we have or have paid careful attention to these things. Slowly things are changing and we are increasingly those who care about our appearance and especially to keep skin in perfect condition and full of health. To do this, and help us further improve in MenHealthCare want to give some tips to maintain a perfect daily hygiene skin.

It is essential to keep in mind that getting a proper facial hygiene will help us get a better quality of skin, then remove dead cells getting maintained clean pores and therefore much healthier skin, then breathe much better and get a better hydration the same. It is therefore important that we acquire the habit, and it is to know what the best time to run this cleaning everyday is. » Read more

8 recommendations to prevent motorcycle accidents

Prevent motorcycle accidents

Growth in the use of motorcycles as means of transport has increased significantly in recent years in our country.

One to drive safely in traffic, special skills and knowledge, a constant and acute concentration required to avoid the risks of an accident and know the different rules governing transit cities.

Marketing Manager for motorcycle brands Pulsar, Discover and Boxer, highlights the benefits of this type of vehicle and recognized in them an efficient solution for urban mobility, but believes that a change is required in the minds of users, through education and training. » Read more

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