What are your choices for emergency contraception?

You may need to access emergency contraception if you have had unprotected sex or experienced a failure in your contraception, such as missed pills or a split condom.

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The Emergency Contraceptive Pill

There are two different types of emergency contraceptive pill: Levonelle and ellaOne. Both can be very effective if they are taken shortly after having unprotected sex. Levonelle contains progestogen and should be taken within 72 hours, and ellaOne contains ulipristal acetate and should be taken within 120 hours.

Most women will be able to take the emergency contraceptive pill. However, you will be asked about your medical history and the dose may need to be altered if you are also currently taking other medication. There are no serious long-term side effects, but in the short term, some women may experience sickness, abdominal pain or a painful next period.

The Emergency IUD

An emergency IUD is a small device made from copper and plastic fitted into the uterus up to 120 hours following unprotected sexual intercourse. It will typically take around 20 minutes to be fitted, and you may feel some discomfort during the procedure. There is a slight risk of infection and some women may experience light bleeding or pain similar to period pain, but it is highly effective with the benefits outweighing the risks. If you are unable to have the IUD fitted immediately, you will be offered the emergency contraceptive pill as an alternative.

You will be advised to see a doctor a few weeks after fitting to check you aren’t pregnant and to discuss whether you would like to have it removed. As this NHS article explains, you may continue to use the IUD as your main contraceptive method moving forward or arrange to have it removed between three and four weeks after it has been fitted.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Following unprotected sex, accessing STI testing in London is also recommended. An STI testing kit, such as https://www.checkurself.org.uk/order-a-test-kit/ or even https://www.bexleysexualhealth.org/ will ensure you can access treatment if you have contracted an infection and help you to prevent passing the infection on.

If you need to access emergency contraception or wish to discuss your options with a health care professional, visit your GP, pharmacy, GUM clinic, NHS walk-in centre, or your local sexual health information clinic.

Centrifuged, the wellness allies


Sometimes we do not realize that eating better and staying fit need very little. An ideal food for balance diet and health is the fruit and vegetables centrifuged that allows you to take all the nutrients that the body needs, so easy and fast.

The Smoothies are great to start the day or, during the summer heat, are useful to replenish substances lost through sweating. We can prepare these drinks also inviting for children, who do not like eating fruits and vegetables, to entice them to eat healthily. But the centrifuged is also a great beauty ally. To delay skin aging, in fact, the first thing to do is to nourish the skin from within making every day the right balance of essential substances: proteins, vitamins and minerals. » Read more

With a little sugar the pill goes down … and your health too!


Like some news shortly. Maybe that’s why this day is not at all clear that sugar is the number one enemy of our food.

Easier to point the finger at animal protein, fats such as palm oil, salt or attributed to heavy metals water all our misfortunes. And you know why? Because it costs, less effort to give up all these factors together, rather than eliminate sugar from our nutrition.

Not by chance it is said that with a little sugar helps the medicine go down, and so sugar as they could to throw down the bitter pill of fatigue, stress, dissatisfaction and loneliness.

And sure, I know that there are many other “defects” in our diet but it is always wrong to forget to more serious ones to work only on the simplest. That is why even the majority of recipes, passed off as healthy, in the end are full of sugar. Otherwise, the cake would not be such and would remain disappointed! » Read more

How To Bring The Romance Back Into Your Marriage

If you’ve been feeling unhappy in your marriage and furiously typing “marriage therapy Philadelphia” into your internet search bar, you’re not alone. For many people, marriage can start to feel like work as the years progress. It’s completely normal to feel like the spark is missing, especially when you add in pressures like children and careers.

Luckily, just because your marriage feels like it’s not as passionate as it used to be doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel. Many great marriages once had their difficulties, but the spouses actively worked to fix things. Here’s how to bring the romance back into your marriage.

Talk To Each Other

So many marriages are lacking intimacy merely because the partners no longer communicate honestly with one another. If you feel like your marriage isn’t going the way you would like it to, then communicate that to your spouse. Chances are if you’re feeling this way, your spouse is as well. Communication is truly essential to any great partnership.

Take Time For One Another

When you have kids and a career, it can feel really difficult to make time for your partner. However, spending time together is cornerstone to any successful marriage. Try to schedule time each week to just spend with each other one on one. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant or out on an elaborate date. Your time together can be as simple as watching a movie on the couch or just talking over a bottle of wine.

Tackle Intimacy Issues Head On

Perhaps it’s “sex therapy Philadelphia” that you’re typing into that internet search bar. If this is the case, don’t feel alone. Many married people feel unhappy when it comes to their sex lives. Again, communication is the answer here. It can be a difficult subject to tackle, but it’s important that you tell your partner how you feel. Word things gently and have compassion for their emotions. If you approach the situation delicately and with understanding, the two of you will have a better chance of working things out in the bedroom.

Keeping your marriage joyful and exciting can become more and more difficult as the years go on. However, if you follow this short guide, you can put the spark back into your relationship. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

What is it and what are the benefits of cholesterol?


The cholesterol is commonly associated with a downside for our body, especially if it comes with poor diet and a lifestyle not exactly healthy. But often it happens that people are perfectly healthy, but despite that cholesterol is a bit higher than necessary, so as to be of concern to the parties concerned.

But what is cholesterol? It has the benefits or is really only something negative? Today we deepen the discussion and dispel a commonplace.

What is cholesterol?

The cholesterol is a nutrient essential to our lives, even though you do not make any kind of calories for our body.

To go into more detail and understand what is cholesterol start by saying that it is a type of fat produced naturally by the body and found in all animal foods (meat, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products). Now you may wonder: but if it is so damaging, why is produced by your own body? » Read more

How to Avoid Foot Injuries When Playing Sports

Foot injuries are some of the most common types of injuries seen in athletes. Runners, tennis players and soccer enthusiasts often experience injuries to their feet. These may seem unavoidable, but there are many ways to prevent getting hurt. The strategies include warming up, which is important before any sport or physical activity. Jogging for a few minutes and stretching one’s feet, ankles, and lower legs loosens the muscles and prevents the rigidity that makes you more prone to injury. » Read more

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Exercise Apparel

When it comes to workout clothing, the number of options available can be frustratingly diverse. Baggy shorts or snug leggings? Natural or synthetic fabrics? Go designer or go easy on your wallet? We can’t tell you exactly what’s right for you, but here are four important factors to consider when buying gym clothing that will give you some good guidance when trying to figure out what will work best. » Read more

Power for those suffering from osteoporosis


The osteoporosis is a fairly common disease that affects the bones, weakening them. This weakening is due to small or severe fractures to the spine.

Women are more prone to this disease than men, but fortunately it is possible to cure the disease or even prevent it, through power.

In our blog we explain what are the causes and symptoms, but most of all what are the foods for osteoporosis.

Causes and symptoms of osteoporosis

The bones of the body are composed of tissues, in large part from collagen and phosphate, respectively, a protein that forms a softer texture and then a mineral capable of curing the bone.

Over the years, the bones renew themselves in their composition, removing the old bone to make way for the new. What are the causes of osteoporosis? » Read more

Major side effects and risk factors of Etizolam

It is a rarely explored substance!
There may be unpredictable long-term adverse effects and side effects, which is why consumption is strictly discouraged.

  • Blepharospasm (cramp-like lid closure) – Can occur during long-term consumption – after discontinuation, this side-effect should disappear by itself. This does not occur with all Etizolam and is therefore especially when it comes to Etizolam!
  • Very rarely, “erythema anulare centrifugum” (EAC) can occur, a skin irritation which is shown as a red ring.
  • dizziness
  • Blackouts are possible in too high dosages
  • Very highly addictive and worse, life-threatening withdrawal – To benefit from a etizolam should come off depending on the consumer the drug down dose ( “Warmer withdrawal”) before it completely fails to take ( “Cold Withdrawal”).

» Read more

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