Mitragyna Javanica – Kratom replacement with opioids!

The genus Mitragyna is mainly known for the Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa). But there are many more species of Mitragyna!

It is said to be Mitragyna Javanica, a Kratom species, which is quite rare (like most other species) but can be purchased as a plant or as an extract. This plant is worldwide legal and therefore is also used as a Kratom varieties in Thailand!

Mitragyna Javanica – Ingredients

The active ingredients of Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. In the Mitragyna species behaves differently – the alkaloid mitrajavine seems to be responsible for the effect. Non-active substances also found in the plant are ajmalicin and 3-isoajmalicin. Mitrajavin, like (7-hydroxy) mitragynine, is expected to act on the human opioid receptors.

Mitragyna Javanica Kratom (Mitragyna sepciosa) – Which species works better?

This plant is less potent than kratom, so you have to dose this plant higher. The effect resembles that of Kratom very, in correct dosage Mitragyna javanica is therefore quite a good Kratom alternative! Especially in countries where Mitragyna speciosa has been illegalized, Javanica is a very interesting psychoactive plant! But also experienced Kratom consumers, who have already tested the many different varieties, will surely find favor with new, more unknown Mitragyna species!

Mitragyna Javanica dosage / dose

If one has the dried plant material, one must take 10-20g. If you cook a tea, you need more leaves than if you take the Javanica powder directly, because there is an active ingredient loss. Extracts need to be significantly lower dosage, more precisely. You can Buy Mitragyna Javanica from online vendors.

Consumption of Mitragyna Javanica

The dried plant material can be cooked as tea. One puts its dose into a vessel and pours hot water on it. The whole let you pull 10-20 minutes. To improve solubility, add lemon juice or alcohol. If one wants to consume more effectively, one can pulverize the decayed plant material, for this one is best used an electric kitchen mills. The powder obtained is then either filled in empty capsules of size 00, or simply rinsed down by a wash method. If you have an extract, you can fill it immediately in capsules or pour into a drink.

Mitragyna Javanica vaporize / evaporate – temperature

This psychoactive plant, like the “big brother” Kratom, can be evaporated or evaporated in the vaporizer / vaporiser. Vaporizing is generally more effective than smoking, but you can also inhale more plant material without having to inhale scratching, unpleasant smoke. The taste of this kratom alternative in the vaporizer is slightly bitter but not very intense. Mitragyna Javanica leaves should be crushed or pulverized. It requires a temperature of 175-200° C in the vaporizer.

Effect of Mitragyna Javanica

The effect is very similar to the one described above by Kratom. An opioid feeling occurs, depending on dose and set and setting you feel either stimulated or sedated. Usually, however, the consumers describe the effect of this type as less sedative and stimulating than Kratom! This is usually accompanied by a mild euphoria and good mood. Mitragyna species have an antidepressant effect, since they make worries disappear.

Risks and side effects of Mitragyna Javanica

As with Kratom, there is a risk of physical dependence for months of daily consumption. If the Mitragyna species is then discontinued, withdrawal symptoms such as hot flashes, chills, limb pain, bad mood and more. A mental addiction can occur earlier! In general, however, the side effects and the dependence potential of this opioid plant (and also with Kratom) are not as high as in the case of pharmaceutical opioids or poppy seed. A very frequent acute side effect is nausea. Of course, everything said there is also for Javanica.

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