Men and women: 10 major differences

The physiological differences between men and women are not limited to the reproductive system. It turns out that the perception of color and smells, the ability to see in the dark and remain sober after absorbing the same quantity of alcoholic beverages – all this is quite different for us. But let’s start in order.

Men and women: The brainmen and women

A man, as a rule, can concentrate on solving only one task, while women often solve several tasks simultaneously. The reason for the device of the brain: women have more neural fibers connecting the right and left hemispheres. Unlike men, women have language centers in both hemispheres – that’s why languages are easier for us. But to compete with men in spatial orientation is simply useless – here they are leading with a huge margin. Read more: Become A Healthier Person By Implementing These Wellness Techniques

Flexibility and posture

Women have a more flexible neck. Therefore, to turn back, we need to turn only the head, and for men – the whole body as a whole. Read more: 7 main myths about nutrition and training, in which it’s time to stop believing!

Skinmen and women

Men are not for nothing called thick-skinned: their skin is really much thicker than that of women, so it shows fewer wrinkles. In this case, women’s skin also ages earlier. This process is directly related to age-related changes: after 35 years, the body reduces the production of the hormone estrogen, which affects the production of collagen. That’s why expensive wrinkle creams and constant visits to a cosmetologist are not a luxury, but a vital necessity!

The sense of smell

Women smell better and better understand them. There is nothing strange in that we like scented candles, oils, perfumes and a hot bath with fragrant foam. And that’s why we do not like it when there are dirty men’s socks scattered around the house!

Color perceptionmen and women

This, frankly speaking, is not the strongest side of men – and for that is their physiological reasons. Women distinguish up to a hundred million shades, while the stronger sex is often unable to catch the difference, even between red and green (there are no color-blind women).

But men can make out the smallest handwriting and see better in the dark!

Intimate sphere.

Surprisingly, it is the sexual organs of men and women that have a certain similarity. The clitoris and penis are arranged in a similar way – both have a trunk, ahead, foreskin and a fold of skin covering the head. Only here to achieve orgasm we need about five times more time than men!

Sex hormones

Female ovaries produce estrogens – hormones responsible for changes in the body. The male organism also produces estrogens but in much smaller quantities. Estrogen has many useful properties: it lowers the level of heavy cholesterol, provides a healthy brain condition, promotes the deposition of calcium in bone tissue, accelerates metabolism, improves oxygen exchange, has a positive effect on skin health, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system. The recommended initial dose of Levitra is 5 mg (later, it can be increased to 10 mg if necessary). When vardenafil was administered in the dose of 40 mg twice daily, cases of severe back pain have been reported. This was not associated with any muscle or neurological toxicity. Read more about it on Estrogen, chemically identical to natural, is used in the manufacture of oral contraceptives of the latest generation – the so-called contraception with the “female formula”. It has excellent tolerability and can help maintain a stable weight. And thanks to the dynamic dosing regimen when using contraceptives with ”

Geneticsmen and women

Men are more likely to suffer from hereditary diseases because they have one X chromosome and two women. Damaged X-chromosomes are responsible for hemophilia and color blindness, as well as for baldness. Receptors of androgen, a hormone that plays a key role in the process of alopecia, are in the X chromosome.

Alcohol Tolerance

Women cannot drink – and it’s not their fault! In the female body, less alcohol dehydrogenase is produced – an enzyme that processes alcohol. But alcohol dependence in women is much less developed.

A healthy heartmen and women

Women live longer – and also thanks to estrogen, which protects the blood vessels. Before the onset of menopause, women are much less likely than men to have cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes.

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