Male Hair Removal, Techniques and Tips

Times change and with them the fashions, even in the aesthetic field. Who would have thought, as recently as twenty years ago that the man would become in the short term a fashion addicted, as well as a lover of her appearance on a par with a woman?

Of men who fell short in their physical appearance and the apparel there have always been, but the care of the person passing by a good fitness to a dress code, certainly not by questioning the cornerstone of masculinity, one for all the hairs. That’s right, the man, in the 2000s, cannot bear to have a hairy chest or very hairy legs, no longer symbols of virility but the lack of good taste. The hair seems to become a real blemish. We will not take a position on this, but we will give a detailed overview of the trends in male shaving and some contraindications.

Male Hair Removal
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What are the most depilated areas?

By far, the back is one of the areas of the body that men prefer to shave, considering the really unsightly unwanted hair. The hairs on the back of the body, in fact, is not – in most cases – thick as the one that you can have on the chest and legs, thus better shave than maintaining. The chest is shaved by many men, especially those who can claim pectoral well define and want to show the result of training and sacrifices; it is often accompanied by shaving the hair around your torso, just below the navel: the reasons, it is easy to understand, are the same.

Other areas subject to removal? Hairy legs are better tolerated by the male gender, and unless it’s sports professionals for whom shaving is recommended and sometimes necessary, are left as Mother Nature wanted them to be: hairy; the same can also be said for the arms, usually a little hairy. The armpits are another part of the body to which many males pay attention: often are content to contain the axillary hair shortening time to time, and in a few opt for a full shave.

Techniques, advice and contraindications for male hair removal

Razor blade – One of the most discouraged techniques. Many are the men who want to look clean and free of fur, but have not the slightest intention of spending in suitable products or in a beautician’s seat. Pair of beard, using the classic razor blade to remove hair from the entire body, most often using the shaving foam and not a more appropriate cream. The risks are numerous: this type of shaving, in fact, tends to regrow faster, and especially harder the hair. It is not rare to provoke small and annoying cuts, as well as provoke skin irritations and very painful redness.

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Depilatory cream – Simple and painless, depilatory cream is one of the most used techniques by men. Лучшие шлюхи Симферополя на сайте проститутки Симферополя будут трахаться с вами всю ночь если вам не жалко денег на свой досуг. This is not a real touch healthy for your body, since it does not eradicate the hairs from the root, but breaks them in the true sense of the word. The growth also is very fast, because after 2 or 3 days you will begin to notice a rapid regrowth of hair. Unlike the blade, it does not present the risk of wounds, but other presents two drawbacks: the cream very often has not a good odor, in addition to being a frequent cause of irritation.

Electric machine – is not a true hair removal, but of a shave. Very often, the electric machine is used only by men to shave the fur, and make it more orderly and in that sense is a tool effective as simple to use. If you would rather shave your chest or back, think twice: the first sensation you will experience will be a nuisance spread, which will be followed redness and irritation.

Depilation with wax – Mostly used by women, who prefer them to any other form of hair removal, the one with the wax is a technique uncommon masculine environment. First of all for the pain it causes: the man has a much higher concentration and length of hair than a woman, and so it is inevitable that the tear does not follow a feeling of wellbeing. However, it is a very effective technique, with long lasting effects: the first hairs begin to reappear after 3 or even 4 weeks.

Depilation – Advantageous no doubt, the ability to permanently remove the hair: via the tooth away the pain, in fact. This type of hair removal can be of two types: laser or pulsed light. In both cases, the benefits are numerous and very popular. The man is not subjected to any kind of pain during the waxing, and may decide to remove the hair permanently even in sensitive body parts and hardly depilabili with other techniques, such as genital and the facial area. For a complete hair elimination will require some sessions of depilation, but the result, once obtained, will not change, and your body will be smooth and free of the slightest hair.

Before hair removal? Some tips to remove hair

If you want to shave a part of your body for the first time, it is good to follow some advice to avoid any unpleasant incidents. It indicates the most common precautions to follow, that too often are not treated properly:

  • If you use a depilatory cream, make sure you are not allergic to any component with which it is made.
  • The moisturizing products are perfect for keeping fresh and soft skin after shaving. Use is not recommended previously, since they make it more difficult to correct hair removal.
  • In the presence of wounds or small cuts, not to proceed with shaving, the better to postpone it by a few days.
  • After waxing, do not use products that contain alcohol, may cause you arrossarti skin and irritations. Opt for creams without alcohol, idrateranno skin, conferendoti while a feeling of freshness and softness.

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