How To Profit From Your Junk scrap iron and metal recycling byram township nj

Do you ever wonder what happens to your junk objects when you replace them with shiny new ones? Most people don’t realize that there are profitable ways to dispose of the following large-scale everyday items that don’t involve a landfill.


Instead of trying to sell your old clunker to another driver, consider selling it a company that handles scrap iron and metal recycling Byram Township NJ. Cars contain steel, aluminum, and copper, but the catalytic converter is the most valuable part because it consists of precious metals, including platinum, palladium and rhodium. Scrap dealers will pay a premium for these parts, though an entire car has significant value.


Steel, aluminum, silver and copper are among the metals found in household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. Most scrap dealers will accept an entire unit to save you the trouble of taking it apart. Unless you are skilled at dismantling appliances, this is advisable, particularly if you have an old refrigerator or air conditioner that contains a compressor that uses refrigerant gases that harm the environment.


Computers, mobile phones and televisions are examples of everyday household electronics having valuable metals. Circuit boards, hard drives, connectors, and batteries contain gold, aluminum, copper and other metals in small but significant amounts reusable for many purposes, including refurbishing other devices.

Outdoor Furniture

If you have outdoor metal furniture that is unusable or irreparable, it may still have some value. Most outdoor furniture is made of iron, aluminum or steel. Iron is a ferrous metal that is more plentiful than the others and won’t command as high a price, but it is still worth a significant amount if you have a lot of it. If a simple magnet sticks to the furniture, it consists of steel or aluminum.

Although recycling old household objects can earn you some extra case to apply toward replacements, it is hugely beneficial to the environment.


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