How To Bring The Romance Back Into Your Marriage

If you’ve been feeling unhappy in your marriage and furiously typing “marriage therapy Philadelphia” into your internet search bar, you’re not alone. For many people, marriage can start to feel like work as the years progress. It’s completely normal to feel like the spark is missing, especially when you add in pressures like children and careers.

Luckily, just because your marriage feels like it’s not as passionate as it used to be doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel. Many great marriages once had their difficulties, but the spouses actively worked to fix things. Here’s how to bring the romance back into your marriage.

Talk To Each Other

So many marriages are lacking intimacy merely because the partners no longer communicate honestly with one another. If you feel like your marriage isn’t going the way you would like it to, then communicate that to your spouse. Chances are if you’re feeling this way, your spouse is as well. Communication is truly essential to any great partnership.

Take Time For One Another

When you have kids and a career, it can feel really difficult to make time for your partner. However, spending time together is cornerstone to any successful marriage. Try to schedule time each week to just spend with each other one on one. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant or out on an elaborate date. Your time together can be as simple as watching a movie on the couch or just talking over a bottle of wine.

Tackle Intimacy Issues Head On

Perhaps it’s “sex therapy Philadelphia” that you’re typing into that internet search bar. If this is the case, don’t feel alone. Many married people feel unhappy when it comes to their sex lives. Again, communication is the answer here. It can be a difficult subject to tackle, but it’s important that you tell your partner how you feel. Word things gently and have compassion for their emotions. If you approach the situation delicately and with understanding, the two of you will have a better chance of working things out in the bedroom.

Keeping your marriage joyful and exciting can become more and more difficult as the years go on. However, if you follow this short guide, you can put the spark back into your relationship. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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