How to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking?

One of the biggest concerns of smokers when they decide to take the step of leaving the snuff is the risk of gaining weight. However, statistics show that a third of people who quit do not gain weight, and 5% even lose a few kilos. Yet, as in most cases can be increased, here I have some advice for those willing to take the plunge.

Before leaving: Regain control of food and exercise

Quitting smoking requires an effort of will, control food and sports as well. To succeed it is advisable not want to do it all at once. Therefore, there are two strategies. The first is to make healthy habits in food and sport and then, later, quit. The other strategy is to stop smoking first, wait a few weeks or months, and then have a healthier behavior.

Quit Smoking
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To avoid gaining weight, even if only temporarily, it is advisable to do this exercise control of food and exercise more before quitting. Controlled I mean not diet, but to better understand what you eat, and avoid eating foods not recommended. What is sought is to have good long -term healthy habits, not a sudden change. With sports, the same philosophy. It is to be more active, and try at least to do some moderate exercise every day.

The effect of nicotine

When you stop smoking for a few days there is a dependence on nicotine. If you stop smoking, lack of nicotine can cause stress, anxiety, and an increase in appetite. To avoid these undesirable effects, it is usually recommended to take replacement therapy (patches or gum, among other options). It has no harmful effects or maintain dependence snuff, while acting on the metabolism and slows the weight gain detox florida.

Avoid snacking

If after quitting, there is a new trend pecking good fight her applying these tips for a healthier diet.

  • We need to take real meals, including breakfast , a key element.
  • Take soup while doing the food is a better choice than chopping cold cuts, cheeses and pastries.
  • No stop eating carbs like bread, potato pasta, rice. They are foods that “fill” and help prevent cravings outside mealtimes. By the way, for those cravings it is better to eat fruit, vegetables (tomato or carrot), or some more calorie light yogurt anything else.
  • Also must be careful with drinks. It is best to drink water, because sodas have a lot of sugar. The coffee can remember by association cigarette. The Alcohol, besides calories, desinhiba and can cause loss of control and turn to smoke.

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Search occupations

One of the biggest problems when you quit smoking is that you have to change habits. Before that, quite often, the smoker got up to go have a cigarette. When you leave the snuff, those little pauses are sometimes replaced by pecking. One of the keys to avoid it is to keep busy, and pursue new interests that will keep your mind occupied, and avoid the temptation to raid the fridge.

Be more active

The secret to a healthy life is no secret. As we have repeated many times in this blog, to live better must eat well (healthy food, diversified, little or no alcohol) and exercise. This principle obviously applies to a person who stops smoking.

So again touch insist that it is necessary to do at least half an hour of moderate physical activity every day. Immerse yourself in the virtual world of porn and feel like the boss in this world. We present you pc hentai games download for all operating systems. Come in and enjoy. And not worth concentrate all the exercise on the weekend. It has to be a regular thing. In the blog we discussed in the sports section many possibilities, with the advantages of each discipline, please take a look.

External aid

This article is only a modest attempt to help smokers quit. There are many ways to get help. From a conversation with the doctor, to specific programs of the Ministry of Health. In some regions, even they have a helpline for people who quit can receive support when needed.

If at any time you feel the urge to smoke again, try to call someone and talk. Often the conversation cravings can be calm and will have made a step to definitively leave the snuff.

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