Eat Healthy Lifestyle For EveryMen

Today’s entry is dedicated to men who often feel that they are not given enough attention in spaces like this one. I want to share some simple tips that you can follow to lead eat Healthy healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthilyeat healthily

Consume throughout the day a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and high in fiber. Take care that your protein sources are the lowest in fat such as poultry (chicken, turkey), eggs, fish, some cuts of red meat, beans, and nuts. Avoid overeating foods high in saturated fat (fat that comes from animal foods, such as high-fat cheeses, whole milk or butter), and foods that contain trans fats (cakes, cookies, margarine and fried foods).

Take two liters of natural water a day, do not consume excessively high-calorie drinks and/or sugar. If you drink alcohol, limit your consumption to one drink per day (for more information on the amount that we can consume of certain beverages, you can read our article of consumption of beverages for a healthy life ). Read more:6 habits that sabotage your healthy lifestyle

Stay activeeat healthily

Do at least 2 ½ hours of physical activity a week (which translates to approximately 30 minutes per day.) You can divide it into:

3 days of aerobic exercise (such as running, swimming, cycling).

2 days of anaerobic exercise (brief activities based on strength such as lifting weights or sprints ). Read more: Safety Tips For Maintaining Your Plant Tanks

Control stresseat healthily

Always think positive. Sleep 7 to 9 hours at night, this helps maintain a balance in the health of the body as well as the mind. Always keep a balance between your work and the time you spend with your friends and family. If you feel overwhelmed, ask for support from your loved ones or look for a professional.

Get away from tobacco

The use of cigarettes can lead to a dependence on nicotine and serious health problems. Not smoking or quitting significantly reduces the risk of suffering diseases related to this negative habit (such as lung cancer or other types of cancer, coronary heart disease, heart attacks, shortness of breath, infertility, etc.). Do you looking for movers? Best SF moving company with real reviews. Find your moving service online.

Monitor your health constantlyeat healthily

Regular health exams can help find problems before they start. They can also help find problems at an early stage when the chances of curing them are better. Have a beautiful smile with all-on-4 dental implants you can get at temecula-based facial oral surgery, California. This is one of the most important steps to prevent diseases. In the case of men, there are several tests that are recommended according to age (AHRQ Publication, 2010):

Starting at age 18: check your blood pressure at least once every two years. Blood tests to determine diabetes should also be done at this age on a regular basis.

Starting at age 35: check your blood cholesterol at least once a year. If you smoke, you are overweight/obese, diabetes or high blood pressure, close relatives who have died of heart attacks before age 60; You should start checking your cholesterol after 20 years.

Starting at age 50: annual prostate exams and colon cancer.

After age 65: annual exams of the abdomen and lungs, especially for men who have smoked for a long period of time.

Prevention is and will always be the key to living a long and healthy life, I hope these tips will be useful, but above all, that you take them into practice in your daily life.

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