9 most common causes of divorce

Causes of divorce- Most marriages in our time do not last long, unfortunately, and people are often divorced for various reasons. Why is this happening – after all, our mothers and grandmothers, for the most part, lived their lives with one man and did not seem unhappy?

The reasons for the fact that today 9 most common causes of divorce happen more often than 30-40 years ago are diverse, and among them, there are several most common ones.

Too hasty marriage most common causes of divorcecauses of divorce

This is the most typical reason, ranking first among the reasons why the family did not take place. At the age of 20-25 (and this is the age in which marriages are most common in Ukraine), a person is still little understood, knows and understands himself, and more often lives instinctively, unconsciously, not understanding his deep needs and accepting surface desires for them. For example, the desire for sex. Read more: How Adolescent Males Can Develop a Healthy Sense of Masculinity

Two people met, a spark ran between them, and after meeting a month or two at friends’ apartments, they ran to the registry office to legalize their sex. Yes, it is sex, because very few young people at a young age realize that family is not only a holiday, but also everyday life, not only a crazy passion, but also a responsibility for relationships, not only lovely presents, but also the necessity provide the family with stable finances. Therefore, every second marriage, allegedly for love, falls apart within a year or two.

Some of the spouses do not like the work of the secondcauses of divorce

Of course, when you are going to get married, you do not pay too much attention to the fact that your future husband pays too much time for work because you still do not live together and your rhythm of life is not yet synchronized. However, everything changes when relations are formalized, and you begin to live in one territory all the time. Read more: 5 Types of Fidget Toys for Stressful Situations

Sometimes spouses do not like each other’s work, and this can lead to a divorce. For example, a young wife can easily jealous of her husband-bartender to visitors to the bar, and her husband may not like that his wife is now on a tour with a dance group. A husband, a sailor or a trucker-husband is generally a test of the nerves of a young wife on a fortress!

One of the spouses wants children, the other does notcauses of divorce

A very, very serious reason for conflict and a break in relations. Most children do not want men, but sometimes vice versa. One of the spouses seems that they are ready to have children, and another says that this time has not yet come – and this leads to a divorce.

In such a situation it can be difficult to agree and come to a compromise because a child is not a puppy, which can be given if something does not work out. The question of starving children or not starting, when to start, how much and, most importantly, how to raise and educate, should be decided on the “shore”, that is before you and your man marry.

One of the spouses is too devout

Sometimes it happens that one partner is too devout, and the other is completely unbeliever. In fact, they are both opposites, and one of them tries to impose their religious views on another. This is the case when it is necessary to accept your spouse as he is, and not to plant his religion and faith in him. After all, everyone has their own faith.

The other side of the issue is marriages between representatives of different faiths. Marriages of Slavic girls, Orthodox Christians, and men of the Muslim faith are widespread in our country. It is necessary to think very carefully before engaging in such a marriage, since the husband’s faith in this situation makes it necessary to make great sacrifices – wearing specific clothes, a special way of family life, raising children solely in the father’s faith, the inability to take children in case of divorce and much more .

Concealment of income

Perhaps you will be surprised, but this happens often enough. The spouse brings his wife a salary and spends extra income for his needs. Of course, every family member should have his own pocket money, but this is a situation where someone in the pair intentionally hides the true level of income. Especially when the family lives, not Shibuya, – this is in our country very often. Therefore, divorce quite often happens for this reason.

Money problemscauses of divorce

Problems with money have a negative impact on marriage. Our parents and grandparents were able to avoid disputes and quarrels because of financial problems. Now, when around the sea of temptations – shopping malls, entertainment centers, an abundance of electronic gadgets, overseas trips and much more – it is much more difficult to overcome the family problem of lack of money.

And if both of you are still important family and your relationship, it is worth knowing that from any situation you can find a way out.

Lack of sexual activity

Lack of sex one causes of divorce. If you and your husband have ceased to have sex – for example, after the birth of a child – you need to think about how to revive the situation in the bedroom. Sex is just necessary for a relationship. And for health it is useful. Yes, you are exhausted with the baby, you get tired, you are not up to bedtime pleasures. But in this case, your husband can go to look for sex in another place, which in the end can lead to a break in relations.


Naturally, the first place on the list is treason. Well, who would want to be with a man who is dishonest with you? There is a saying: “Once you change, you will become a traitor forever.” Often, one episodic treason pulls a chain of other adultery. But even if this does not happen, all the same, even your only one or his “run to the left” can destroy your family.

Alcoholism most common causes of divorce

One of the most terrible and tragic causes, according to which not only families are falling apart, but also the destinies of people. And, probably, this is the only reason, when it is worth resolutely go to the gap, because alcoholism is difficult to cure, and from its consequences both adult members of the family and, first of all, children suffer. If only an alcoholic realizes his problem and resolutely intends to overcome it, then it can be a question of fighting for a family.


Today 9 most common causes of divorce and all factors that lead to divorce. And by the way, sometimes divorce is the best thing you can do to save yourself from destruction. Naturally, divorce is not entertainment, but sometimes after the divorce, people find their true happiness. The majority of reviews for Viagra are positive as the drug improves not only erection, but also patients’ self-esteem. However, experts don’t recommend to young and healthy men. Moreover, it is unadvisable to use Viagra on a long-term basis, as it can enhance the risk of side effects and lead to the development of psychological dependence. It is recommended to consult an andrologist or urologist before starting the treatment. Some patients are prescribed the analogs of Viagra with lower toxicity. However, before deciding to part, it is worth trying to solve the current situation on the family council.

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