Bad breath what do I do?

Bad breath

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. About 90% of the cases stem from oral problems: deposits of bacteria and food debris on the tongue, gum infections and dry mouth, mainly. The remaining cases can be caused by diseases of the respiratory system (sinusitis, nasal obstruction, etc.), the digestive system (gastritis, ulcer, etc.), and diabetes and even from kidney or liver. » Read more

About kratom resin

The resin is the most important elements in any kinds of herbal and ayurvedic tree. The resin contains most of the useful and beneficial content. Kratom leaf has one of the best kinds of magical resin. Kratom resin contains various kinds of chemical content. Most of these chemical contents are alkaloid. In kratom resin, 98% chemical compounds are alkaloid. The alkaloid is one kind of alcoholic elements. But like other alcoholic things kratom resin is not bad for health. These kinds of alkaloids make kratom leaf an amazing pain reliever. For these alkaloid kratoms leaf and resin also being a great clinical and therapeutical element. » Read more

How an electrocardiogram is to a patient

How an electrocardiogram is to a patient

The electrocardiogram is an important part of the initial evaluation of a patient suspected of having a heart-related problem. Also can provide important information about the patient’s heart rhythm, previous heart attack, increased thickness of the heart or oxygen delivery declined in the heart among others. Today we tell you how an ECG is done to a patient. » Read more

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