6 Symptoms you should never ignore

6 Symptoms

Do you feel anything unusual and do not know what it is? Is it a symptom that never happens? Will you have to start worrying or is it normal?

These are some of the questions we ask when our body emits a warning signal out of the ordinary.

It is undeniable that, sometimes, we are alarmed and it turns out that what happened to us was commonplace. Other times we underestimate the pain as if we should take preventive measures.

To eliminate some of these doubts, you know these symptoms you should never ignore. » Read more

Kratom Review – How did you sleep last night?

Kratom is a tree native to South East Asia, particularly Thailand and Malaysia though for a few time it’s additionally cultivated in Indonesia, India, and Bali…, reaches about twenty-eight meters. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family, that additionally closely-held plant like coffee. Its leaves contain over twenty-five alkaloids, the most effective well-known being Mitragynine speciosa. » Read more

5 Ways to increase your metabolism

Increase your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest and when you are active. The first fuel use your body are carbohydrates and fats. Make your body to burn these fuels at a high level if you want to lose weight and gain vitality.

As we grow older, our metabolism slows. We need to improve our metabolism increase muscle density and pay close attention to how you feed your body. » Read more

Diet Express: retrieve your figure in record time after the holidays


After a few days without stopping to eat, usually, always REACH US rush to regain our figure freeing the excesses that we have committed. And it is that if we won a kilo during the holidays or vacations, it is best to get rid of him as soon as possible with an emergency plan. If you find yourselves in this situation, do not give him more laps, the Express diet is a great choice! » Read more

The oral biofilm

In our mouth, it is estimated that you can find over 700 species of bacteria. Their presence is normal in an environment such as the mouth, but if these microorganisms get a suitable environment to overgrow organize, grow as a community called biofilm. With great capacity for colonization, the oral biofilm can cause cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. » Read more

Kissing and oral health

oral health

Kisses have numerous effects on the body, for example, we can help determine if a couple is an ideal through certain chemical compounds containing the saliva.

When we kiss, we convey feelings like passion, love, and … bacteria. In particular, one study has shown that in an intimate kiss (defined as a kiss contact between the languages of the participants) 10 seconds long 80 million bacteria are exchanged between the mouths of the participants.

In the mouth there are over 700 different species of bacteria, which also vary in individuals, both quantitatively and qualitatively: that is, the oral bacterial population of each individual is a priori only.

oral health

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However, during the course of this study further observed that couples tend to have a bacterial population in the same language between unrelated individuals, being this similarity even more pronounced in those couples kissing, at least, 9 times a day. This means that in addition to exchanging bacteria when to kiss, they are on the lingual surfaces colonize a place long-term. In the saliva, this similarity is not so evident for long periods, because you have to keep in mind that constantly produce and swallow spit, so the salivary microbiota is “shared” temporarily.

The study data show that the higher the frequency of intimate kisses, greater similarities are found in the oral microbiota, particularly in saliva (as we mentioned, temporarily. At least half of 9 kisses daily are required to obtain a similarity than 50% in saliva, while the effect of a single kiss is limited.

Therefore, identifying the factors that may determine the timing and permanence of the colonizing bacteria in the mouth may help develop new strategies to prevent or cure oral infections.

Moreover, kiss causes various benefits to the human body, particularly important being stimulation level buccal saliva production.

This causes increased saliva helps balance the pH, if necessary, to avoid long periods of demineralization of teeth, thereby protecting against tooth decay, while the rematerialized by providing ions found suspended in saliva.

Saliva also regulates the presence of bacteria in the mouth, thus contributing to the reduction of halitosis, which in turn, if it is present, may involve actions such as kissing.


Best Ways to stay healthy & fit while Travelling

Best Ways to stay healthy fit while Travelling

As fitness expert, it’s constantly imperative to me to stay fit and lean while traveling. I know it’s likewise a typical sympathy toward a number of my customers and companions. It might be trying now and again to keep up your fitness level and body weight while far from home; it is in no way, shape or form inconceivable. It basically takes simple ways to stay healthy & Fit while Traveling. » Read more

Men and Spa

Men and Spa

It is common to think that the Spa is a unique place for women. This idea is widespread in society. Usually it associates the idea of going to a spa hotel with the search for a beauty treatment and other issues traditionally associated with the female image. But the reality is that, nowadays, men are increasingly concerned about their image, but beyond this, the Spa is not a place to go only one looking for a beauty treatment. A Spa is a place that offers many benefits and allows one to recover from the hustle of daily life, which allows you to relax and connect with yourself and enjoy a pleasant time. » Read more

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