Concussions on the Rise in Youth Sports

It’s hard to turn on the TV or log into a sports website and not hear or read a story involving a major or even career-ending injury of a professional athlete. The unfortunate truth is that they get paid to put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of entertainment; and as Americans, we eat it up faster than a bag of Doritos on Super Bowl Sunday. But it’s a different matter altogether when it comes to our kids. Sports may seem like a birthright to some and a rite of passage to others, but parents ultimately have the final decision in what gets played and when. » Read more

How does your body at refusal of alcohol


It is no secret that alcohol – not the most useful exercise for our health. But give it’s never too late, especially since a positive result will not take long.

The negative consequences of alcohol consumption are known to all: from the quality of sleep disorders, and dryness of the skin and ending with the risk of cancer, diabetes, liver damage and even violations of the structure of DNA.

However, for some time, our body is able to completely clean from alcohol and avoid the unpleasant consequences of its use. In fact, a marvelous recovery begins within a few minutes after you drink the last glass. » Read more

Alcohol: Moderate drinking protects the good cholesterol


For moderate means by means of a glass for women and from one to two per day for men

Drink alcohol moderately protects low-density lipoprotein HDL, or good cholesterol. The finding comes from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and China Kailuan Hospital, recently presented to the Sessions of the Association of American Cardiologists. » Read more

Tips for gaining weight healthily

Gaining weight

I have spent many posts the topic of weight loss. The overweight and obesity are problems that concern many people and so continue to do my contributions and advice to enable them to achieve their goal.

That said, I also noticed the questions that make me throughout the week, which many people find it difficult to gain weight. Les uncomfortable to be very thin and that becomes a problem. For this reason, today’s post is about various tricks so they can get fat, but healthy.

Gaining weight is easy if you do not have in mind healthy habits, but that serves to gain weight if our health is affected … So priority will help them gain weight without harm to health. » Read more

The myth of diets and strategies detoxification or detox


Kidneys, liver, skin and lungs detoxify the body without “help”. Nobody escapes today to offer services, products and treatments that invite you to detoxify the body. Juices, teas, colon cleansing, diet consisting of eating a single food, is a strategy of charlatans. Do not let reading this article so you know that instead of falling into traps, there is an easier way to stay healthy.

Of course the idea that there is a quick and easy method to detoxify the body indulgences that every day many make with food, alcohol, drugs and toxins they produce, is attractive. So, today, it has created an entire industry of detoxification or detox promoting services, products and treatments that promise to cleanse the body of impurities and leave as new. » Read more

Music for your well-being – The benefits of music therapy

music therapy

I often say on our blog: there is no perfect formula for good health. There are, however, several ways to deal with stress, bad habits and problems of the sort that we often overlook, at work and at home. When we give advice on diet to follow, on the errors to be avoided, on physical activities to be performed more frequently, we always well in mind the key to making all these therapies actually work well-being: the will power.

We have to want to improve themselves: if then we must “strengthen” our will, what could you do? the answer is really interesting: listen to music for your well being! » Read more

Foods that worsen your inflammation


The consumption of certain foods is associated with increased intensity of chronic inflammatory. Here we will show you what foods to avoid, in case you intend to better control chronic inflammation are. Minimizes consumption and will reduce the discomfort and pain. While it might seem that, the resulting diet is very limited, as the effects are almost immediate.

Fried foods

Fats are being your worst enemy and you know very well, but not always resist the temptation of good fries. These foods produce too much anxiety.

What you must remember is the importance of a balanced diet and your body needs supplies fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. It is best to eat foods without passing oil. Avoid l as high temperatures, as certain oils become trans fats, which worsen inflammation. » Read more

Axio Is The Best Energy Drink For Those Who Don’t Want Anything Artificial

Exercises For The Brain

Everyone knows what kind of exercises will keep the body fit, but what exercises are done to keep the brain fit? There are a lot of things that can be done to make the brain work harder, mostly by challenging the person to do something that they’ve never done before that takes a lot of concentration. Reading brain teasers as well as doing certain puzzles and activities can also exercise the brain, but there are other ways to keep the brain fit too. Many eat a certain way in order to keep their brain healthy, and it’s proven that what you eat can help your body to be healthy but your brain as well. » Read more

How to Reinforce Classroom Teachings at Home

Many parents make the common mistake of expecting the school teacher to be responsible for the total education of their child. Truthfully, the education process starts at home. When a child goes to school, they learn new concepts. The teacher sends them home with homework and the parent should then reinforce what a child is learning in school. While many parents may be busy with work and other responsibilities, children should always come first. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your child’s education is reinforced at home, there are a few strategies to consider. » Read more

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