Lung cancer and shoulder pain: What is the link?


Most of the pain in the shoulder is usually due to inflammation or muscle trauma. Much less frequent is the shoulder pain as a symptom of lung cancer. However, it is worth specifying that although the shoulder pain is a sign not only of distinguishing lung cancer, any persistent and unexplained pain should be brought to the attention of a doctor or an expert.

When the shoulder pain is a symptom of cancer? And what symptoms is accompanied? Here is an account that should remove all doubt. » Read more

Centrifuged, the wellness allies


Sometimes we do not realize that eating better and staying fit need very little. An ideal food for balance diet and health is the fruit and vegetables centrifuged that allows you to take all the nutrients that the body needs, so easy and fast.

The Smoothies are great to start the day or, during the summer heat, are useful to replenish substances lost through sweating. We can prepare these drinks also inviting for children, who do not like eating fruits and vegetables, to entice them to eat healthily. But the centrifuged is also a great beauty ally. To delay skin aging, in fact, the first thing to do is to nourish the skin from within making every day the right balance of essential substances: proteins, vitamins and minerals. » Read more

With a little sugar the pill goes down … and your health too!


Like some news shortly. Maybe that’s why this day is not at all clear that sugar is the number one enemy of our food.

Easier to point the finger at animal protein, fats such as palm oil, salt or attributed to heavy metals water all our misfortunes. And you know why? Because it costs, less effort to give up all these factors together, rather than eliminate sugar from our nutrition.

Not by chance it is said that with a little sugar helps the medicine go down, and so sugar as they could to throw down the bitter pill of fatigue, stress, dissatisfaction and loneliness.

And sure, I know that there are many other “defects” in our diet but it is always wrong to forget to more serious ones to work only on the simplest. That is why even the majority of recipes, passed off as healthy, in the end are full of sugar. Otherwise, the cake would not be such and would remain disappointed! » Read more

What is it and what are the benefits of cholesterol?


The cholesterol is commonly associated with a downside for our body, especially if it comes with poor diet and a lifestyle not exactly healthy. But often it happens that people are perfectly healthy, but despite that cholesterol is a bit higher than necessary, so as to be of concern to the parties concerned.

But what is cholesterol? It has the benefits or is really only something negative? Today we deepen the discussion and dispel a commonplace.

What is cholesterol?

The cholesterol is a nutrient essential to our lives, even though you do not make any kind of calories for our body.

To go into more detail and understand what is cholesterol start by saying that it is a type of fat produced naturally by the body and found in all animal foods (meat, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products). Now you may wonder: but if it is so damaging, why is produced by your own body? » Read more

Power for those suffering from osteoporosis


The osteoporosis is a fairly common disease that affects the bones, weakening them. This weakening is due to small or severe fractures to the spine.

Women are more prone to this disease than men, but fortunately it is possible to cure the disease or even prevent it, through power.

In our blog we explain what are the causes and symptoms, but most of all what are the foods for osteoporosis.

Causes and symptoms of osteoporosis

The bones of the body are composed of tissues, in large part from collagen and phosphate, respectively, a protein that forms a softer texture and then a mineral capable of curing the bone.

Over the years, the bones renew themselves in their composition, removing the old bone to make way for the new. What are the causes of osteoporosis? » Read more

How to relieve knee pain

knee pain

It is hard to complain of a sore knee : most people think that it is synonymous with old age and weakness, and many bear the pain until the damage is too great.

But the knee pain is a common condition that occurs in people of all ages and, if not treated in time, can affect permanently movements. For this reason, it is necessary to talk about what you feel, no matter what other people think: the sooner you consider knee pain a real problem, as you can quickly find a solution.

When the damage is too severe you can switch to costly, but for starters, there are cheaper and less invasive solutions. This article will outline some Granny natural remedies to relieve knee pain. Read on! » Read more

5 tips for dealing with senile dementia


The dementia does not indicate a specific disease; it is rather a general term for a number of diseases and symptoms that affect cognitive decline, memory and thinking skills in an individual.

Among the various pathologies, the Alzheimer’s disease accounts for approximately 60-80% of all dementia cases. Let’s find out what are the symptoms of senile dementia, to learn about this disorder.

What are the symptoms of dementia?

The symptoms of dementia can be extremely volatile; to define a dementia, however, it is necessary that there are at least two, among these functions, which are significantly altered or impaired:

  • Storage
  • Communication and language
  • Reasoning and judgment
  • Concentration and attention
  • Visual perception

Those suffering from dementia can continually encounter problems even with everyday actions. The short-term memory is affected, and you forget where you placed the bag or if the bills are paid; also prepare meals or remember certain events or dates may become a problem, and often from home journeys become dangerous because patients can struggle to find their way home or forget where they are headed. » Read more

Refined Sugar: Damage, History and Substitutes

Refined Sugar Damage

Among the worst enemies of health of modern man, refined sugar stands out because of the severity of the damage they can inflict and the frequency of use is now made of it. 
Sugar (Sucrose), is produced by man after a long mechanical-chemical process (Sugar cane, beet).

In nature there as food, it is present only in the form of fructose in fruit, but the fruit is a organicato element, beneficial and perfectly assimilated, as opposed to industrial is inorganic, not assimilable and very harmful. 

It has been introduced in modern power towards the middle of 1800. 

Before that they used raw products extracted from sugar cane, in tropical and sub-tropical countries.  » Read more

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