Push-ups: Increase your pushups


Do you want to learn how to do more reps of your push-ups?

For every man it is crucial to get the most from your body. In addition to searching for form and volume, it is important athleticism.

Believe it or not, a good test to see if you are fit or not you count how many consecutive push-ups can you do. I work with people very fit, with sports professionals and I think 50 consecutive perfect pushups are the standard for evaluating efficiently your state of fitness.

Most people think that with just a little ‘training will be able to achieve this goal.

Not really … You know when I hear these beliefs what is my response? “Great, now show me how and how many push-ups you do!” » Read more

16 good reasons to start running!

start running

If you often ask “why run“, we give you at least 16 good reasons to tie your sneakers! Of course, running is not miraculous, but it makes very good for your health, it is a remedy against stress and insomnia and is a great ally in the prevention of various diseases. It helps to shake up the metabolism, speed up weight loss and keep in training the entire cardiovascular system. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list of good reasons to change your mind! » Read more

Seven myths and truths about warming and stretching are you doing them wrong?

myths and truths about warming

Two basic training in any type of parts, but nevertheless many jump (either because of laziness, lack of time or simply because they do not consider important) are the initial heating and final stretches.

They are not incidental: they are part of a complete training routine and, as such, we must treat them. And as important as them is run them properly. Let’s look at some of the myths and truths about warming up and stretching. » Read more

4 Mistakes To Avoid For Fitness


Physically active people with healthy habits fitness tend to be happier and healthier. If you have difficulty maintaining a lifestyle active, perhaps it is because you are making these mistakes.


Go shopping with, without a list is like doing exercise with, and without a plan. Grocery shopping without a list leads to loss of time, and you may often forget important items needed. Also do exercise without a plan results in loss of time and no results.

What to do instead? It is good to create a strategic plan for training in advance. This creates less doubts and maximizes time, efficiency and energy. » Read more

Concussions on the Rise in Youth Sports

It’s hard to turn on the TV or log into a sports website and not hear or read a story involving a major or even career-ending injury of a professional athlete. The unfortunate truth is that they get paid to put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of entertainment; and as Americans, we eat it up faster than a bag of Doritos on Super Bowl Sunday. But it’s a different matter altogether when it comes to our kids. Sports may seem like a birthright to some and a rite of passage to others, but parents ultimately have the final decision in what gets played and when. » Read more

Exercise and its relationship with our night’s rest

nights rest

There is much talk about the relationship between physical exercise and our night’s rest, finding controversial opinions about it and often discouraging training in the last hours of the day to rest better, however, is this right? What does science say about it?

Just as our body needs rest to perform at their best when performing exercise and at the same time promoting recovery, also the physical effort could influence our night’s sleep, helping or hindering it. We show what scientific evidence indicates: » Read more

Feeding tips to increase muscle mass

increase muscle mass

This article will discuss the power to increase muscle mass as a natural, simple and inexpensive way should be able to get it.

Power to increase muscle mass

When a sport is practiced continuously (any discipline) or want to gain muscle mass not only need proper training, also a dietary plan that keeps you fit and help you achieve the proposed goals without harming health.

Today we give some general ideas about nutrition to increase muscle. Note that the first part serves as a base if you practice any sport. » Read more

What are DOMS?


The DOMS, English “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”, are the delayed onset muscle soreness, a phenomenon due to physical exertion of higher than normal intensity, that causes an inflammatory state in the muscle and connective tissue fascial delayed, often after 24-48 h exercise and may take several days.

Doms and lactic acid

For years DOMS have been erroneously attributed to the formation of lactic acid in muscle tissue for fermentation and, even today, it is believed that lactic acid is the cause delayed onset muscle indolent. » Read more

Use the POSE method to run more and better

POSE method

The race POSE method helps us to be more efficient runners, run better and faster. We explain the three phases that form to put it into practice.

The running is the fashionable sport among people of all ages and from all walks of life. It may be because of its simplicity, because it does not take much kit or because it really is a sport in which overcoming and the fight against oneself is real and live day after day and race after race. The fact is that every day there are more who decide to put on shoes and jogging a few kilometers from the parks and squares of cities; there are even brave who dare to challenge the mountain.

But beware, because running is not “just” run. We may think that everyone knows running, finally after all it is one of the basic movements of human beings and we often use in our day to day (even more for sprinting, like when we run to keep the bus, running long distance). But there is a big difference between “run” and “running well”: the running technique. This technique, we can learn and improve over time, will help us maximize the results of our training, to be more efficient runners and therefore running more, better and faster. Do you want to learn to run with correct technique? So you want to know the POSE method. » Read more

Three routines less than 10 minutes to get fit on the beach

Three routines

No excuses to train in summer or even when on vacation, because with very little movement time you can achieve great results. So today we have three routines less than 10 minutes to get in shape on the beach.

The advantages of training on the beach

The beach can become a training ground perfect, as we enjoy the air, sun and water while working our body.

Thus, the beach can afford to train more intensely than in an enclosed space or even in solid ground, because the sand is a less stable surface. » Read more

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