5 Benefits of Yoga for Marriage and Intimate Life

You know perfectly well that over time, love passions evaporate, and the transition to ordinary family life can destroy pepper in your husband’s bedroom. But we have one solution for you, which will keep your sex life in tonus constantly, –benefits of Yoga.

Usually, speaking of the benefits of yoga, we mean that this ancient practice helps reduce stress, improves muscle tone and makes you peaceful and calm. But there is something else that no instructor will tell you: yoga can improve your sex with your husband both physically and emotionally. Studies show that those who practice partner yoga have a stable libido and perfectly realize themselves in sex, getting full satisfaction. Read more: Sexual health services that you can access from home

Partner yoga, or acro-yoga, among other things, has one additional weighty advantage: it makes the couple communicate in a new way. “This is a yoga of trust,” says the famous acro-yoga instructor Daniel Scott. “Normal yoga focuses on the individual, and acro-yoga creates a partnership, giving the man and the woman the opportunity to learn to trust and compassionately to each other verbally, physically and energetically.” Read more: 6 habits that sabotage your healthy lifestyle

Try practicing yoga partner with your man, and you will get the following five benefits of yoga

The emergence of trustBenefits of Yoga

Asanas of partner yoga are arranged and balanced so that the bodies of both partners feel vulnerable. To properly perform the asana, you must completely trust your partner divinewellnesscbd.com, so that he properly holds you and hedges you if you lose your balance. It’s easier said than done, of course. The trick is to learn to relax in every posture.

The formation of muscles in the right placesbenefits of Yoga

Acrobatic elements of partner yoga increase physical endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. In addition, in different poses, the muscles of the pelvic floor are well developed. These exercises for effectiveness can be compared to training the muscles in the Kegel system. Partner yoga is a wonderful alternative to this method so that your “sexual muscles” get a good blood flow, which will lead to their excellent functioning.

Development of team spiritbenefits of Yoga

Partner yoga helps to solve many problems in a couple when a man and a woman lack mutual understanding and patience. You and your man will learn to communicate and cooperate in difficult situations through complex twists and counterbalances of the body. Through an understanding of what your hands and feet “think”, and a calm finding of harmony, the couple will be able to apply the necessary skills to strengthen their marriage.

Reducing stressbenefits of Yoga

If you are even superficially familiar with yoga, then you know how wonderful the asanas and breathing help to overcome stress and its consequences. And imagine that you get this knowledge and comfort at the same time! Concentration on breathing and calm movements reduces stress at the hormonal level. Thus, sex hormones take precedence over the stress hormones, and you and your man immediately after school will want to jump into bed faster. Is not it wonderful?

Activation of sex hormonesBenefits of Yoga

The breathing techniques of yoga (they are called pranayama) cause the body to produce the same chemicals in the brain as in active sex. After the partner-yoga session, you and your partner will have a blissful feeling, as if you experienced a one-stage orgasm. Intensive breaths and exhalations allow you to disconnect certain areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for intellectual thinking (that is, for all the mental trash that our restless mind reproduces), thereby strengthening the reproductive system reproducing sex hormones. Finally, I started dating after 3 years of being a single parent. No surprise that I have anxiety when even thinking about sex. This influences my erection. I consulted a doctor and she recommended using generic cialis for erection improvement. I took 10 mg 1 hour before the session and I was amazed at how hard it was. We played the whole night and the drug still produces its effect in the morning. Complicated? Simply put, breathing as a couple, you become a primordial man and woman, and not middle-class creatures, which make us noise, fuss and man-made garbage of a modern metropolis.

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