How to take wheat germ to lose weight

wheat germ to lose weight

The part of the wheat that contains the seed is what is known as ” germ ” and contains great nutrients and vitamins that provide benefits for our health and, in addition, help us lose weight. In this article, how do you get a wheat germ to lose weight and take advantage, as well, of the properties that it contains and that will serve as a complement to your diet to lose weight? » Read more

The 5 best Yoga postures for a runner

Yoga Postures

Yoga postures, after intense physical activity such as running, spinning or aerobics, it is convenient to perform some stretching technique in order to improve the mobility of the body completely and relieve the accumulated tensions. Therefore, I advise you to practice these 5 Yoga postures, which do not require any previous experience in the discipline. » Read more

What is Therapeutic Fasting?

herapeutic Fasting

In the history of mankind therapeutic fasting has been practiced in almost all regions of the world, often associated with religious and spiritual issues. It is already at the beginning of the 20th century when doctors and naturist and hygienist movements advocate using fasting as a therapeutic method. We currently have numerous scientific investigations that are telling us the multiple benefits of fasting in complex pathologies or simply as a way to improve our health. » Read more

6 habits that sabotage your healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Currently, all or most products offer us versions that are better because they will help us to follow a healthy lifestyle. The Internet provides advice on what we can or should do to make that happen. Although if we think about it, sometimes we make many mistakes that make us doubt whether our lifestyle is really good for us or not.


We avoid cigarettes because we know that it is a risk factor to generate cancer in our body. However, we are exposed to the substances that are generated when we fry food. Experts associate these noxious fumes with lung cancer. Roasting meats produce toxic substances called heterocyclic amines. These are found in cigarette smoke. To avoid these contaminants we must have good ventilation or preferably carry out outdoor activities. Read more: Cancer: 10 Rules Of Prevention

WE AVOID portions of pasta SO AS NOT TO GET FAThealthy lifestyle

A study by the Journal of Nutrition and Diabetes revealed that this belief is false. The study showed that those who consumed more pasta had lower their BMI. This does not mean that we eat pasta in excess. Rather it means that we can eat reasonable amounts of pasta accompanied by vegetables and oils such as olive or herbal. The pasta should be one more ingredient of the dish and not the main food. Read more: 6 Nutrition tips for maintaining a healthy heart


We avoid consuming coffee in high quantities because we believe that caffeine will harm our health. Some studies relate drinking at least two cups a day with having a better mood. Besides that, it helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s (although it is not 100% proven). On the other hand, we chose to consume light products because we have the idea that they are healthier. Some light products contain aspartame, which is a non-caloric sweetener. A study showed that those who consume these products have higher levels of depression. They have irritability and come out lower in cognitive tests.


We can choose certain food groups for our lifestyle, but we leave others aside. This does not mean that we are receiving adequate nutrition, because the body needs a little of each type to be able to function optimally. If we make notes for a week about what we eat, we will realize that we are not covering all the food groups.


The young man ordering food in a restaurant.  Handsome man checking his order written by the waitress.  Young waitress offering tasty dishes options to smiling guests.  Waitress writing an order.

When we go to eat on the street what we do first, most of the time is to wash our hands. But after doing that, we return to the table to see the letter to know what we will ask for. There is one of the worst mistakes we can make. It is estimated that 95% of people do not wash their hands and take the menus. So we would be having contact with an impressive amount of bacteria of fecal matter and germs. The next time you go to a restaurant, first look at the menu and then wash your hands to avoid an infection of the stomach.


We are aware that we must protect our skin to avoid the damage caused by the sun, and we do it. The problem arises when we apply sunscreen when leaving home but do not do it again during the day. Sun damage can occur in a very short time, so it is recommended to apply the protector every four hours. In case of swimming or sweating followed, the application has to be more frequent. And even if it’s cloudy we have to protect the skin, because even then the UV rays reach us. We can also support accessories such as hats or umbrellas.

Now you can realize that there are many habits that harm us. Take the necessary measures so that your healthy lifestyle is in optimal conditions at all times.

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Children health care

When we think about maintaining our health, we think about how to stay healthy in order to have a good working life, or how to care for our seniors. However, children also get sick and require care that we often do not take into account, but that could help us prevent many problems. For this reason, we tell you about the children health care. » Read more

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