3 Elder Care Options

It can be difficult to know what to do for an elderly loved one who wants to live independently and isn’t quite ready for a nursing home but still needs assistance with activities of daily living. For some families, informal caregiving in which various members of the support system each take on various responsibilities can be a workable solution. However, this can be difficult to accomplish for adults who also work full time. It can involve a lot of stress, and sometimes situations may arise which you and your extended family members are not equipped to deal with.

Fortunately, there are adult care services Massachusetts available that can help ease the burden on you and your family members while allowing your loved one to continue living the way he or she wants to.

1. Adult Day Care

Adult day cares provide activities of interest to the elderly individual, such as exercise classes, arts and crafts, or games. At the same time, they can provide speech therapy, health monitoring, or other services. This is an option for elderly people who cannot be at home alone during the day but whose caregivers have other commitments.

2. Adult Foster Care

This is similar to assisted living in that your loved one resides in a home-like facility where he or she receives services, such as meal preparation, medication dispensing, and daily personal care, from paid staff members. The difference is that adult foster care is on a much smaller scale; only a few residents dwell at each facility.

3. Paid Caregivers

These are professionals who come to your elderly loved one’s home to provide services that assist with independent living. People who need medical assistance can have a home health aide come to the home, but there are also caregiver services who help a senior with basic, nonmedical tasks, such as grooming or dressing. Paid caregivers typically charge by the hour and come on a set schedule, such as three days a week.

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